Wow! A 562 point profit

I’m still waiting for my first qualifying bet for my 4th favourite in 8 runner races strategy ( remember we want to focus on all weather races and ‘leaders’ in those races when said ‘leaders’ from a pace perspective are 4th favourite.

I thought I’d take a different look at 8 runner races. What about the actual odds of a horse? I decided to choose 8/1 odds horses. Is there any profit to be made backing 8/1 odds horses in 8 runner races . Again, continuing from the 4th favourite, an 8/1 horse in an 8 runner race is unlikely to be near the head of the market and also far enough away from the outsiders for us to assume some competitiveness.

Let’s take a look at 8/1 SP horses’ performances in 8 runner races over the last 10 years.

I thought I would head direct for our friend ‘pace’ .
Backing 8/1 Industry SP horses in 8 runner races when said horses are described as ‘leaders’ has turned a 562 point profit to Betfair SP. WOW!

That really appeals to me. Not bad eh? For those of you complaining that this is 10 years’ profit, well the average of 56 points per year bears scrutiny!

The only negative here is in practical application. I suppose a betting bot can best be employed here. If you want to limit the workload, then focus on 7 and 6 furlong races as 7 furlong races produced a 141 point profit to Betfair SP and 6 furlong races a 57 point profit to Betfair SP.

Handicap races have turned 408 points of that 562 points Betfair SP

Oh, and if you have any ideas for horse racing strategies that you’d like me to look at, let me know. I’ll try and crunch the numbers for you.

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