Why it’s simply not worth the risk…

When selling online using established sites such as Amazon, you have to be careful of keeping to selling parameters that they set. Buyers will expect products to be as described in the listings, in exactly the condition you describe, and delivered as quickly as possible. Companies such as Amazon want the customer to have a great buying experience so that they will return to the site time and time again. To ensure you do not fall foul of terms and conditions for selling online, I recommend you do the following:Why you should never be tempted to sell in an underhanded way…
  • Describe products accurately.
  • Dispatch orders speedily.
  • Offer a great customer service.
If you attempt to sell counterfeit products, this is effectively cheating customers and, if caught, carries fines from Trading Standards. I would NEVER recommend doing this. In addition, should you try to do this and are caught, sites such as eBay and Amazon will shut you down as quickly as a blink. They are only interested in protecting their reputations, so even if you have made an ‘honest’ mistake, they will act. eBay and Amazon monitor feedback and if you receive loads of bad feedback because of your actions, then expect to have your selling account suspended. This can be devastating with all your hard work ruined, not to mention extra income opportunities gone. So do not be tempted to attempt to make extra income from any underhanded tactics whatsoever. If you are looking to make extra income from online, selling then you will be interested in my course, Copy Paste Profit (CPP). CPP is a system where you can make extra income from home via a 100% Internet-based venture. You can operate from the comfort of your front room. It’s not necessary to have office space, or store products and you only buy products once you have a sale, so you do not need to have lots of cash outlay. CPP is a step-by-step course: it is a guide to building and developing your very own venture. It’s a system where you list products on one site for a higher price than you buy from another online site. You just pocket the difference! You don’t handle a single product: all the work is done by others; the system works 24/7. CPP concentrates on selling books and media products, but it can be used to sell any type of product using the same system. It’s great to take the methods shown on the course and run with them, so to speak. You can stick to the products as shown in CPP or find another type of product; it’s completely up to you. If you are interested in finding put more click here.

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