Why I’m going to place a mug-punt accumulator bet this weekend

Goodness me, Winged Eagles turned up to spoil a 1-2 for the two market leaders in the Derby last week. I did mention that the winner tended to come from odds of 7/1 and shorter, and that was so nearly the case.

In the Champions League, my 0-0 lasted some 20 minutes. I was delighted that my 2-1/1-2 call came to fruition, if you traded. 

With the scoreline at 1-1, guess what happens to the 2-1/1-2 scorelines you backed pre-match? Both of their odds shorten because you have the next scoreline covered. This is a technique I love to use at www.drt.club.

It was a great match and that boy Ronny done tremendous and gave 110%.

The weekend attention turns to World Cup qualifiers 

It’s on occasions such as these that I like to do ‘mug punter accumulators’. Bookies love them.

My mug punter accumulator will comprise USA, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Mexico.

Nothing can go wrong (he said, clearing his throat).

If you want even more fun, then follow the idea that odds = goals.

What do I mean? Well usually when you see a football team at decimal odds of 1.2 or lower in the Match Odds market, this suggests the market expects 3 or 4 goals minimum from them.

Following this logic, therefore, an Over 2.5 Goals accumulator on USA, Faroes Islands, Estonia, Andorra, Latvia, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia matches will pay out around 60/1 if it comes in. And with minnows abounding, it has a good chance! Estonia, Andorra, Gibraltar, Kosovo all have woeful defensive records.

Accumulators of course are not the norm. I do like wheeling them out now and again when we have obvious gaps in quality between two teams. If the goals flow this weekend, then the Milky Bars are on me!

I’m off now on my travels to see my family so the next time you hear from me, I will be on English time, enjoying the British summer (yes, I have packed a brolly).

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