What WRWM subscribers can expect in the upcoming monthly newsletter…

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It’s that time of the month again: yes, another edition of What Really Wins Money will be hitting subscribers’ post boxes very soon…

And there’s plenty of great info as ever!

I remind readers of the many football niches that are available to you. Have you chosen your specific football niche in time for the next football season? It’ll be with us quicker than you think!

Here are some examples: how about a focus on the Over 2.5 Goals betting market? (Note I say ‘over 2.5 goals’ betting rather than ‘over/under 2.5 goals’ betting.) A focus on matches where at least three goals is expected could pay dividends this season.

Or how about newly promoted sides in the Premiership? The Patriarch has actually provided us with a wonderful lay strategy specifically for this ‘niche’ in June’s newsletter.

Other niches? Well, in this here eletter in the past, I’ve shared with you the Both Teams to Score niche. A lot of teams tend to have a bad habit of scoring and conceding. Or maybe the ‘Hoffenheim effect’ niche? Here we latch onto a team showing strong patterns week in and week out.

Elsewhere in the newsletter I put forward an idea about odds-on shots and how we can lay them. Odds-on shots tend to lose, and lose quite often. Try this for yourself! Note down odds-on shots at www.betfair.com, as many as you can find, and see how many of them lose! We can profit from this.

The Statman is class. Well, the Statman focuses on class in June’s What Really Wins Money and uncovers an excellent strategy we can use to lay horses dropping in class in certain circumstances.

I introduce readers to the ‘lay ladder’ concept. A ‘lay ladder’ is a posh way of saying loss retrieval: i.e. lay horse 1; if the horse wins its race, go to horse 2 and lay that horse to win the lost liability from horse 1 and your target profit.

I show you how to cut losses and increase returns.

I’ve got the usual ‘Home-Grown’ system updates which I offer for free to What Really Wins Money subscribers at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk (where you’ll find free World Cup statistical research each day – I got the Both Teams to Score punt right in the Uruguay v England match yesterday, as well as the protracted 0-0 in the Japan v Greece match).

As ever, there’s also the usual System and Tipsters Update. There are, additionally, loads of free reviews for you at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk.

The boss-man is off to Castle Canonbury in July for a period of reflection and pondering and stuff like that. Me? I’ll be continuing to work on uncovering solid betting systems and strategies for my readers at What Really Wins Money and, of course, for you here at the WRWM eletter.

Do join me at What Really Wins Money in time for the next newsletter in August. In the meantime, have a great weekend, and look out for some free analysis of Ascot’s meeting at the website.

Have a great weekend!

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