What to look forward to with the new football season…

Well tomorrow sees the start of the football season proper, as the Scottish Premiership kicks off a new season. The 8th August is when all the fun begins.

This week I have been recording videos for members of www.drt.club covering the six trading strategies I use in my football trading to create profits from the in-play markets. (And I thought I was in Guernsey on uncle duty – you know, ice creams and crayons and kicks in the shin from a three-year-old.)

I’ll be busier than a lord in a brothel this coming season. Already DRT is clicking into gear and the season is not even under way, so it augurs really well for a productive and profitable time.

We’ve already had a successful 1.1 lay come in (that’s like backing a 10/1 shot) and teams on the brink of defeat who I advised members would not lose. They ended up fighting back to win and profit well for traders!

If you’re not a member of www.drt.club, you can learn the basics of sports trading at http://learning.betfair.com/en/. Once you can grasp the relationship between the back and lay odds, and know what it takes to move the odds in an in-play football match, then you will have a skill that you can use for life.

Sports trading is transferable to other sports too. If you want a helping hand, then try out www.drt.club just in time for the new season.


As we edge closer to a new month, I thought I’d take a look at the performance of my 3-5-8 laying strategy, as featured in May’s edition of What Really Wins Money. It has now broken the £2,000 profit barrier, from an initial £100 starting betting bank. That’s since 28 September 2014. Try getting that kind of a return from your local bank. The exact betting bank stands at £2,198 currently.

This is how the profit graph looks:

Loss retrieval staking is used. It’s not for everyone, but if you hit a solid winning run, the bank increases quickly. Similarly, a losing streak can see the bank dip. (But in the graph above, I was already playing with profit!)

You’ll have to be a member of What Really Wins Money to access this strategy and other profitable strategies from within the newsletter’s hallowed pages.

August sees a return to the What Really Wins Money newsletter and I have some interesting ‘betting angles’ to work with, from looking at the performance of novice chase favourites (they’re novices, aren’t they, over the bigger chase fences – will carnage ensue?) to favourites in Irish chases, to handicap price gappers, to horses who are wearing headgear for the first time or having their first runs in handicap races – how do they perform?

My horse racing strategies try to avoid the tedium that is form analysis. There’s nothing more galling than form researching a race, picking a horse with apparent good form likely to run well, only to see it come home in third place, beaten by the donkey!

My strategies are based on logic. As you see above, with the novice chases, novices are horses with an L plate on their behinds. Chase fences are high fences and may present difficulties. I hope that the next 3-5-8 success story will be just around the corner.

So with the English Premiership kicking off next week, I’ll share with you some niche betting markets I think you should focus on for this coming season. I’m a big fan of betting niches (and cheese and onion quiches), and there are a huge number of niches which you can specialise in, and profit from once the big teams and big leagues are up and running.

By the time we speak again, I will have returned home. See you next time from over there!

Have a great weekend.