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Your potential NET profit is £173.60 per week from this one product…

The latest Hot Product Report has just been uploaded to The Source Report (including detailed NET profit calculations and the UK supplier details).

Once again, I’ve been hard at work researching hot products for you and following my usual research on eBay, Amazon, Google Trends, and the Watchcount website I can confirm that the product I’ve detailed below is perfect as a year round seller and what’s more, your initial outlay can be as low as you like.

The niche is wedding accessories – and what a fantastic business niche to sell in – the important point being that weddings really aren’t going anywhere! People will always be getting married and the ‘do’s’ are just getting bigger, better and more extravagant all the time.

You can list this product all year round, however as my research highlights searches do start rising at the beginning of January and remain steady through to the end of September. After this there is a slight lull before searches pick up again through to December, drop again and pick up in January for the start of a new search cycle! 

This product is simple to store and easy to pack and can be added to your current inventory or as a starter product to get your business up and running. View Product Details

What Hot Products Can I Sell Online? – The Source Report Blog

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