What does Easter mean for your online book sales?

This week you may find a reduction in your orders.

This is why: Easter.

Easter is early this year, which is not always good, because the weather likely to be colder than in April, the usual Easter period. What does Easter mean for your online book sales?

I am not too sure why Easter represents a reduction in order totals: it happens every year for me, and is always something that struck me as a little strange.

Perhaps it’s because children break up for the school holidays: I guess many buyers go on holiday or have children to look after and so don’t go on the Internet to purchase products.

Though Easter is a religious celebration, like Christmas – but unlike Christmas, people don’t tend to buy gifts, unless they’re chocolate-covered!

Buyers are not going online to buy gifts, so as online sellers, we do not benefit from this holiday period footfall. (Unless you sell chocolate!)
So here are a few tips to get through the Easter period…

  • Use this quite time to refresh prices.
  • Cull long-term unsold products.
  • Try listing stock on alternative online sites.
  • Attend a car boot sale – either sell or buy products.
  • Try to buy in more stock to build your inventory: the more listings you have, the more chance you will make sales once the holiday period passes.
  • And lastly, make sure you use some of the holiday to spend the time with family!

Happy Easter!

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