Web Traffic Loophole by Sarah Starr: Review

Product name: Web Traffic Loophole

Product author: Sarah Staar

Price: $17

Where to Buy: http://webtrafficloophole.com

Web Traffic Loophole is a 53-minute video recording of a UK-based seminar in which Internet Marketer Sarah Staar divulges the best ways to attract more traffic to your site.

I’m always dubious when I see the word ‘loophole’, and indeed, with Web Traffic Loophole, there isn’t really a loophole as such. Without saying too much about the content of the video, the reason the word ‘loophole’ has been chosen is because of the general foundation upon which this entire seminar and product is built: ‘Instead of trying hard to get traffic, all you have to do is use leverage and take advantage of the monster traffic other famous websites are receiving.

This is essentially the ‘loophole’ here…

The cost of accessing the Web Traffic Loophole is a modest and good-value $17 (with a 30-day money-back guarantee), sold via Sarah Staar’s Web Traffic Loophole sales page under the heading: ‘Here’s How You Can Send Unlimited Targeted Traffic To All Of Your Affiliate Links, Blogs Or Sites…’

There’s only one upsell and it seems to be a genuine one with a genuine saving. It’s another video: this time a recording of a two-day video marketing workshop. It’s offered to you at $27. I’ve seen the same video being offered for $40 more than this, so it may well be an offer you want to take advantage of.

Once signed up, you can access the 53-minute video, as well as two other ‘bonus’ videos (see below for more on these). The picture quality and sound are both very good.

The main video is watchable and digestible, and probably just the right length at just under an hour. I really hate all those training videos that just go on and on, as if running time somehow equates to high quality. More often than not it doesn’t, but I think Sarah’s got the perfect balance here.

There’s no waffle and she’s soon talking about the various ways of generating relevant traffic to your websites and hopefully turning that footfall into buyers of your products.

The good thing about these methods is that they’re free; the bad thing is that if you’re a seasoned Internet Marketer, you’re probably already doing them – and you probably wouldn’t learn much at all from the video.

Sarah discusses the significance of attracting traffic to a website, accentuating the strong plus-points of a good squeeze page leading to people who have therefore given you permission to send them your marketing.

Next up, she reels off her favoured methods of traffic generation: many different types of marketing; from blogging to solo ads and social bookmarking. There’s nothing massively new to even a semi-seasoned Internet Marketer, but it might interest you to learn of Sarah’s take on these tried-and-tested methods and also to see her visual examples of them in action.

These visual examples are neatly edited into the video and we cut away to them from Sarah.

The video is lacking a transcript or any other downloadable supplementary material, so it’s a case of making your own notes as you watch.

The other two videos are as follows… One is a 105-minute panel discussion about traffic generation entitled ‘Traffic Mastermind’. Sarah is part of the panel and they field questions from the audience.

The other is a 25-minute video about outsourcing product creation and marketing, again where Sarah fields questions as part of a panel.

Both videos are watchable, and you may well find them informative.

I then was surprised to find yet another ‘bonus’ that wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the Web Traffic Loophole sales copy. This was a series of 12 one-to-one interview videos with various successful Internet Marketers (Sarah doesn’t feature). Again, they’re quite informative, but the same person who produced the videos of Sarah has not produced these videos – they seem older and of a lesser quality: as such, they are immediately less attractive to warrant you spending your precious time on.

I’d recommend Web Traffic Loophole (despite the fact there’s no real loophole). Though the methods are probably already in your Internet Marketing arsenal, Sarah is interesting to watch and constantly gives examples from her own experience, and that alone is probably worth the purchase price.

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