Clever ways to approach greyhound racing…


This week I have been researching new articles for November’s edition of What Really Wins Money, and a major focus has been greyhound betting. Previously, a main motivation of mine, and I guess a lot of other punters/traders, has been the staple diet of horse racing and football.

The dogs, though ‘paw’ away at me. I see the markets from early morning to late evening and think that there must be a way to raise the ‘woof’ and profit here. None of my pedigree chums focus on greyhound racing so I cannot pick their brains, so it’s off to the betting lab(rador) to see what I can find out.

Here are some free resources you might like to read, as I am reading, to prepare for an assault on the dogs…

If you head on over to Google books online, and search for greyhound betting systems, there is a book you can preview called How to Win at Greyhound Betting by Samuel Blankson. There is enough offered in the preview (some pages are obviously missing) to get your creative juices flowing and if you find a strategy with promise, you can email me or get me on the dog and bone.

Some of the strategies seem complicated and do have a strong ‘patterns and sequences’ bent about them, but I think there’s something there. (And said preview is free!)

Websites such as this one, provide you with a free introduction to greyhound form reading. But to be honest, I enjoy sticking my head out of a car window with my tongue out far more than I do reading the form.

There are other ways you can attack greyhound racing. How about using those folks who have already done the hard work for you? Sporting Life provide a series of selections daily, at; and have an excellent greyhound section.

Head on over to and you’ll find the dedicated greyhound betting section.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see (click to enlarge)…

We’ve got the Racing Post selections for the race, first, second and third, as well as a Racing Post Predictor. It looks like a bit of a novelty but I’ll be checking out how those dogs the Predictor suggests will finish last perform during the race – a simple lay system?

Now this has me more excited that a dog chasing a tennis ball. Can we use the Sporting Life greyhound selections in tandem with the Racing Post selections? If they agree, are we on to something perhaps? (With what the Patriarch wrote about in October’s newsletter as the power of collective wisdom?) It’s better than researching the form surely?

Perhaps a focus on the cream of greyhound racing might produce better consistency?

This website – – list races as category 1/2/3 races. Now I am new to this world of greyhound racing, but I assume the category 1 races feature the best of the best? Focus on these races alone perhaps?

I’ll definitely be following this up. If you want more information on great online greyhound resources I have uncovered, then email me at My goal now is to bone, sorry, hone, a good selection strategy, be it backing or laying, that we can profit from.

I also think greyhound betting is ideal for the use of betting bots, which are bits of software enabling you to automatically place back and lay bets based on pre-determined targets. That’s for another eletter.

I’m like a terrier clamped to a postie’s leg here. I will find a way, and you’ll be the first to find out!

If there are any greyhound aficionados out there, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Have you been trying to find your own ‘banker bets’? Banker bets, to remind you, are bets which seem destined to win; bets which look extremely strong and carry your confidence with them.

Banker bets truly are the lazy man’s way to punting, because the betting market has grabbed you by the lapels and said ‘Look, mate, we reckon this team/player has an outstanding chance of winning here: all we want you to do is to justify the odds’.

I’ve been doing bankers or blowouts at since 10 October 2014 and it’s a list I personally use myself.

It has been performing very well of late and I hope your banker bets are matching that performance. For any short cuts, try out the Odds On coupon at, which focuses on short-priced favourites in the football section.

Look out for the Football Bankers Coupon at It immediately focuses on matches with ‘apparent’ red-hot favourites.

And maybe, to increase your strike rate, be really picky, like the guys at, who select just one banker bet a day. This selectivity can really boost your betting bank. If you limit the odds side to something like 1.25 minimum, you will know the kind of a strike rate you require in order to make a month-long profit.

I hope this eletter has given you some ideas on the vast untapped resource that is the greyhound market, and will help you profit in finding banker bets and securing a long-term strike rate.

I’m off now to try and catch a frisbee between my teeth.

Have a great weekend.