Use this betting research template in the new football season

The one major piece of sports betting news today is, of course, the return of the English Premiership as Arsenal takes on Leicester tonight. Saturday and Sunday sees the rest of the Premier League teams kick off.

Do you currently bet on football? Or, indeed, in the age of betting exchanges, do you currently trade football?

Football is a superb sport to profit from, basically because it is so well covered in the mainstream press, as well as in specialist stats websites.

Long-suffering readers know how much I like It is my go-to website for football statistics.

There are other stats sites, such as, which could give you pointers to high-pay-out football accumulator bets on a number of markets.

Additionally, is a great website if you want to specialise in markets such as bookings points (red cards and yellow cards).

Sites like have a prediction model incorporated. They’ll do all of the work for you. They’ll rate and predict outcomes.

Me? I’m staying with my close show biz pal

If you want to take your football seriously, I would recommend using what I call a ‘betting research template’. It’s a template you can use to help your research. Here’s a basic template for you: head on over to (yes, it is misspelt). There you will find the kind of football template I recommend for getting a good angle into football matches. I would begin to use this template once we have five or six games under our belts.

I asked in a recent eletter whether you had your battle plans in place for the football season. Do you have a niche to specialise in? I would highly recommend you specialising in one team, one league or one or two markets.

I put forward the Halftime Score market for instance. My close showbiz pal Soccer Stats has dedicated halftime score stats now. Perfick!

What’s your niche? Relegated teams in weaker leagues? Newly promoted sides? The top-four? Greek Super League? Over 2.5 Goals? The +1 market?

Don’t be a Jack(ie Charlton) of all trades!

Enjoy the new season and may your team win every match they play in (apart from when they are playing Wolves).

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