Tis the season to sing funny footy songs…

The French Ligue 1 kicks off tonight with Reims at home to the mighty Paris St Germain – and in this coming week and next weekend we’ll be seeing a steady trickle of famous teams from famous leagues kicking off for a new season.

Here are some ways you can profit this season…

A single team from a single league – Why not follow a single team from a single league and bet on their matches exclusively?

Had you done that last season with Paris St Germain for example, you’d have found a team who kept scoring 85th+ minute goals and winning when a win seemed impossible (in one match last season, Paris St Germain won 2-0: both goals were scored in the 90th minute).

If you’d have followed Bayern Munich, last season, you’d have noticed a team who had a lot of 0-0s at halftime, but who went on to win the vast majority of those matches.

This ‘single teams from a single league’ idea is yet another betting niche, and can be very profitable. You will know more about a team you single out than the other punters.

The 90th minute is where the big profits are made.

As part of my DRT trading service, whose live chats kick off this weekend, I make it my business to unearth low-risk, high-reward trades and bets for members.

Here’s something free for you. Look to bet only after the 90th minute. Earlier I gave you that Paris St Germain example. This time last year, at about this time, I backed Benfica in the 93rd minute at odds of 120 in a match they had to win, and they won!

Become a 90-minute man (or woman!) – Try these two niches on for size… Perhaps check the Paris St Germain match after 90 minutes this evening. If they are losing, lay Reims after 90 minutes in the hope of a late equaliser, or if the match is drawn, back Paris St Germain as late as possible.

You don’t need to be stuck to a computer all night. Use your mobile perhaps. Get www.flashscore.com up to check the score.

I will be sharing with you more distinctions as the seasons get going, and showing you how to read a match in-play. So look out for that!

Shergar Cup antics…

The Shergar Cup has some interesting patterns from past races run, so I thought I’d give you a heads up as regards this one-off meeting taking place at Ascot tomorrow.

The Shergar Cup pits Great Britain and Ireland against the rest of the world and it would seem the profits are to be made by following the odds, not the jockeys!

1255 Ascot The highest-priced winner has been 9/1. The last two winners of this event were 11/2 shots and it seems jockeys from the ‘rest of the world’ hold sway in this race. So look for a horse at about 5/1 with an international jockey in the saddle and back it each way.

130 Ascot Eight of the nine winners of this race have been priced at 5/1 or less, with a 9/2 horse winning on the last three occasions. What are the chances of another 9/2-shot winning this time (it will surely diminish)?

Six of the nine winners have been favourites so don’t be put off by a favourite 4/1 or bigger. Chance an each way play?

205 Ascot The rest of the world has won the last three runnings of this race aboard horses priced at around 5/1. Prior to that there were three winners between 9/1–16/1.

Is this a race of cycles? Are we due a bigger priced winner this time round? Only two favourites have won so perhaps avoid market leaders. I would plump for a 7/1 horse ridden by a Great Britain and Ireland jockey each way.

315 Ascot In the limited number of races run, it seems avoiding the favourites is the thing to do. Look at a horse 7/1 to 10/1 each way. Great Britain and Ireland jockeys have dominated.

350 Ascot Only two winning favourites in nine runnings. The last six winners have been between 4/1 and 8/1. Look here for a possible winner.

I’m off now to prepare for the new football season.

Here’s a song I’ve been learning for this new season: ‘She fell over’… (It’s only three words.)