Three Ways to Find the Best Place to Sell Your Goods Today

There are lots of places for you to sell online, some cost free, others very expensive…

eBay is obviously top of the list. I could spend all day listing items on eBay and never run out of stuff to sell, and almost all of it does actually sell.

But on the downside, eBay is not always the best place to sell low value items, primarily because eBay and PayPal fees take a huge chunk from sellers’ takings and can result in goods selling at a loss.

It could be items like vintage postcards and stamps, jewellery charms and beads, baby bibs and bootees, and other items that can be picked up from suppliers for less than fifty pence apiece and almost always attract one hundred percent profit – sometimes more.

But then come the fees….

And that is why I recommend eBay as THE place to sell high value items, especially rare and unique pieces, such as antiques and altered art creations, but where can you sell those low value items?

And might your search for alternative marketplaces reveal new products for you to sell and hitherto little known places to sell them?

I have three answers for you…

#1 – Every Place I Sell

This is an excellent site where sellers reveal every place they sell their goods online. It was probably set up to help buyers choose their own preferred marketplace, but in the process sellers also pass their precious marketing secrets to rival sellers. Like you and me!

This is what the home page looks like today:

Begin by keying a product type into the search box or click on ‘Show Categories’ and choose from the dropdown menu.

Either will reveal people selling specific items or listing particular product categories and each is a source of profitable information for you.

Here’s what followed my search for ‘handmade’:


These listings highlight products to consider adding to your own inventory and suitable places to sell them.

Here’s an example of someone selling collectable postage stamps online, where the bottom of his page at Every Place I Sell reveals this:


Notice this member has two eBay accounts, suggesting he is making decent money on eBay.  You’ll also notice other places this gentleman markets his goods online, at Amazon, for example, and through images at Pinterest that lead back to specific marketplaces.

The most interesting part of member pages, however, are boxes marked ‘Other’, most of which take you to alternative third party marketplaces, some you may not even have heard about and which suggest additional markets to favour with your listings.

Case in point: when I clicked on ‘Other’ in the last illustration I discovered two new markets for my low value postage stamps, both charging much lower fees than eBay. I had not heard of either marketplace until today!

#2 – Sellers’ Choice Awards – updated annually by eCommerce Bytes:

Early each year, eCommerce Bytes surveys its readership, asking them to say where they sell online and why, taking ease of use and profitability into account alongside other criteria you will read about now.

When results are in, eCommerce Bytes creates charts showing which market proves most popular overall and which markets rank highest on certain features.

You’ll find 2017’s results by clicking here.

There’s an awful lot to read at the site, such as:

– Amazon came out number one preferred place to sell for most sellers surveyed.

– eBay ranked top for profitability among most sellers questioned.

– Ruby Lane topped the charts for customer service and Etsy ranked highest for ease of use.

Important: Rankings change considerably from year to year, and what was most popular or easiest to use one year won’t always be up there the following year. Which means sellers must stay on the ball and make constant checks on places they sell today and which markets might prove more effective tomorrow.

#3 – Google for suggestions

Perhaps the most time-consuming of today’s three alternatives, but definitely a great way to find product ideas and marketplaces that even specialist sellers have not previously encountered.

Find your new marketplaces by Googling the likes of ‘where to sell postage stamps online’, with your chosen product type in place of postage stamps.

Method three presented countless irrelevant sites to my searches today but resulted, eventually, in those potential new marketplaces for me to ponder.

That’s three ways to spy on other people’s products and marketplaces and come up with ideas tested by those people and now set to benefit you – all for free!

Go grab your share today!

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