Three quick money making tips for May

Today I have three short and useful tips for you. These could help grow your bank balance in the month ahead, one could even prevent you falling foul of promises that end up losing you money and creating negative feedback.

Let’s start with the first opportunity…

Tip #1: “Gothic Wedding, 2017”

Some of us spend days searching for new products and different ways to make money, and other people spend just minutes and sometimes bank profits many times higher than you and I ever dream about.

So you might be surprised to learn that many really big money-makers are not new ideas at all, just slight variations on already successful themes.

Such as one I read about today regarding an electronic and computer product review blog that sold recently for more than one hundred thousand dollars and featured posts all ending ‘2016’, as in ‘Best Computers 2016’, ‘Best Delivery Drones 2016’, and so on across more than one hundred articles and blog posts.

Talking in an internet marketing forum, the previous owner tells how his blog had responded to almost every search for ‘Best’ followed by a product type during the whole of 2016. That led other forum members to ask:

As long as content remains relevant, could existing articles and posts be amended to reflect 2017 and later years in place of 2016 right now? Could the idea be extended to niche websites covering thousands of different subjects: craftwork, for example, in place of electronic and computer products, or art, weddings, table settings, t-shirts, and so on?

‘Yes’ was the blog seller’s reply to both questions.

The blog in question had been monetised with links to products earning the previous owner high affiliate commissions from electronic and computer products sold on Amazon and eBay and could be replicated to cover virtually any type of product and many different affiliate programmes.

Here are a few niche markets to get you started:

Wedding favours – a massive market and growing bigger with makers and sellers staying ahead of the competition by focussing on tight sub-niches like gothic weddings, vintage favours made from original materials aged one hundred years plus, exclusive handmade favours sometimes taking several hours to create and priced twenty pounds each or more. 

Example content: best gothic wedding favours (year date), best make your own wedding favours (year date), best Asian wedding favours (year date).

T-shirts – another massive market with hot new trends appearing daily, in line with current events, political matters, new product arrivals, emerging fads and gimmicks, seasons and anniversaries, and more.

Example content: best New York t-shirts (year date), best dog t-shirts (year date), best Donald Trump t-shirts (year date), and so on.


Tip #2: How To Make a Full Time Living Uploading Images to Zazzle

I have been uploading public domain images to Zazzle for at least three years now. And to honest I have never made more than a couple of pounds each week.

I was actually thinking about giving up until I found a fascinating Zazzle forum post suggesting that visit:

That is what it looks like today…

Note that Zazzle takes you to ‘Best Seller – Gifts’ but you can study other product types left side of the page. The dropdown menu top centre of the above screenshot reveals bestselling product designs over the longest and shortest existing timeframe. 

From that, you study designs and type of products proving most popular and use that information as the basis of your own high profit PODProduce OnDemand – business.

Even more exciting, designers get a discount on products bearing their own designs which can then be resold on eBay, Amazon, and most other marketplaces.

‘Special Picks’ – bottom left of the screenshot – is equally interesting but you can study those for yourself once you discover the kind of designs attracting most orders today and begin looking for public domain images for your own bestselling designs. Maximise your earnings by matching today’s bestselling product types with all-time most popular designs.

That’s passive income like no other, because once you’ve uploaded an image and chosen products for it to decorate, as well as describing your product – about five minutes per design – you can sit back and let Zazzle produce orders on demand and send you a share of the takings.

Or, rather, don’t sit back; get yourself busy looking for more potential bestselling designs, then let today’s activities make money for you from now to forever. Get up and running right away at:

Tip: Find suitable designs on 19th century postcards and greetings cards, also Victorian scraps, many selling at really low prices on eBay, sometimes singly, sometimes in bulk. Pay fifty pence or less per item with possible bestselling image design and your investment will always pay off.


Tip #3: Double Trouble and How to Avoid It

Take too long to fulfil an order and eBay will reward you with poor feedback and reduced seller ratings and encourage some people to buy elsewhere. 

To benefit sellers, eBay partnered with a firm offering packaging that would be delivered fast and help us all meet nigh on impossible delivery times.

But quite the opposite happened recently, when several eBay sellers were informed that eBay’s partner company was running short of packaging materials and experiencing long delays in fulfilling its own orders, including to eBay sellers. 

Equally worrying is that eBay is allowing one of its own companies to deliver goods in partnership with a courier firm long renowned for late deliveries or no delivery at all.  I won’t mention the firm, I’ve told you about it several times already, and I am beginning to sound vindictive just to get my own back on a firm that has let me down several times in the recent past.

That’s two big reasons many eBay sellers, Yours Truly included, stock their own packaging materials and arrange their own deliveries without ‘help’ from eBay.

I recommend you do the same.

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