Thousands in extra cash by Christmas… PLUS: Find the right tool for the job…

Thousands in extra cash  by Christmas…  PLUS: Find the right  tool for the job…
I’ve been helping my mum to get started on eBay. She’s never sold on there before and it’s been something of a revelation for her. 

She made several hundred pounds in the first week when I helped her list a pile of her old dresses and jackets – things she’d been about to send to the charity shop.She’s now caught the bug and is listing everything that’s not bolted down, wanting to make some extra cash for Christmas.I absolutely LOVE eBay. And the run up to Christmas is absolutely the best time to make money by selling on the site. Indeed, selling online anywhere.
In case you missed my email yesterday, I wanted to quickly mention that my talented colleague and eBay Powerseller, Avril Harper, is about to launch a very exciting service that guarantees you making £2,500 online before Christmas.

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Never hammer a nail with a rock again…  

Another thing ticked off my to-do list this week was to hang up three new canvasses in my house. They’d been sitting un-hung for weeks as I tried to decide where to put them.When the time came, I was highly irritated to find that my husband had hidden/lost/relocated the hammer and so I started searching the house for something I could use instead.When you need to hit a nail in to the wall, I guess you could use a rock, or a doorstop, or a particularly heavy book. Or, of course, you could use a hammer.

Naturally, the job is much easier with the right tools for the task, and this is true whether hanging canvasses depicting cats in clothes on your wall (I have peculiar tastes) or marketing online.

As you know, I love sharing useful tools and resources with you when I find them, so this week, I thought we’d look at some of those I’ve most recently discovered and started using…

Quill Engage for Google Analytics

Thousands in extra cash  by Christmas…  PLUS: Find the right  tool for the job…

As I’ve said before, Google Analytics has LOADS of valuable information to offer if you have your own website, but more often than not, there is simply too much data to make use of: it can be complicated to know where best to focus your attention.

When I was writing up some tutorials for Google Analytics last week, I got thinking about how many of us would have an easier time if there was a simpler overview allowing you to get all of the crucial information without having to sort through everything else.

That’s exactly what Quill Engage can help you to do.  ??Quill Engage is a free tool that connects with your Analytics account, then emails you a summary of your data at the end of each week.

It can keep you up-to-date on areas where your site is doing really great and getting more traffic and areas where you need to focus more attention in order to attract visitors. It also summaries where you’re getting traffic from, and more of course.

What really makes this tool stand out is its use of what it describes as an ‘artificial intelligence engine’ to help process your data and then explain it in your report.

For example, one weekly report might read: ‘Your traffic increased 11% over 2,040 sessions. The biggest increase came from visitors referred from Facebook, accounting for 84% of traffic.

If you want a concise and already analysed report of your Analytics data, consider giving Quill Engage a go. Best of all, it’s free.

Post Planner for Facebook

Thousands in extra cash  by Christmas…  PLUS: Find the right  tool for the job…

This Facebook app gives you more control over your social media posting. ??It allows you to schedule updates, provides data-inspired status-update ideas, helps you keep an eye on the most viral posts on the network, and even lets you keep tabs on trending content within your niche – my favourite feature.

Best of all, being able to schedule Facebook posts straight from your business page is definitely more convenient than many of the scheduling alternatives available.

Bundle Post for Twitter

Thousands in extra cash  by Christmas…  PLUS: Find the right  tool for the job…

First up, this isn’t so much about setting up tweets and posts so that you don’t have to even log in to your social media accounts. We should all know by now that reacting and engaging with people is the most important element of having success with using social media sites.

This is about freeing up time to be able to respond to people and engage with those following you – and, of course, those who should be and are not.

Bundle Post can help you build up several weeks’ worth of curated social sharing in only a few hours, freeing you to spend more of your social media time and energy actually talking to people.

You can use this tool to tweet content from sites and individuals in your niche who always produce high quality material, allowing you to keep your page relevant while giving back to those content providers simultaneously.

If you want to be more efficient with the finite amount of time that you have to invest on your social channels, this tool can definitely help.

We all understand the importance of headlines for attracting people to our content online. One of the most difficult parts of creating better headlines is all the time and energy it takes to effectively test them to ensure that they work, and then that your headlines are improving in quality.

KingSumo is a WordPress plugin that can help make this process easier by allowing you to test multiple headlines for blog posts straight from the app.

After you publish content, this plugin will automatically rotate sets of headlines that you provide, in order to determine which one offers the best performance – the most people clicking to read the post in full etc.

You can add anywhere between two and ten headlines for testing. The best part of this process is that it allows you to set it up once, and then forget about it, allowing the testing process to be hands-off – until you want to take a look in to the fascinating results, of course!

I love testing. So much. So I think this plugin is absolutely great, in theory. I’m just about to install this on my sites so I will let you know how my testing goes in a future email.

I do hope at least one of those can be useful to you and your online businesses.

Speak soon.


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