This FREE Mindmap to Help You Create & Sell Your Own Digital Info Products Online

Here’s a FREE Mindmap to Help You Create & Sell Your Own Digital Info Products Online

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I get a lot of emails from readers who have an existing business, skill, or website that they would like to monetise with the help of some kind of information product.

Books, webinars… the formats are many. And that is where the questions come from…

Often you just aren’t sure what product would best help you to boost exposure of your business online.

That’s what I’m hoping to help with this week…

I’ve created a free mindmap for you that looks at information products and what type of product type is right for your needs online.

You can download it from the website here.

You’ll find lots of notes and ideas listed on there, and though it’s difficult to read on the screen, if you download it, a PDF reader will make it easy to follow.

Now, before you create or brainstorm where to start with an information product, you will want to clarify this: what do you want the product to achieve for you?

Options include but are not limited to:

1. Traffic

Information products can drive traffic to your site when they are shared on other sites and/or between individuals and become viral.

They can also include links to your other products or services to drive traffic to those pages. Additionally, free or recurring information products can be given away to motivate visits.

2. Brand awareness and exposure

Information products can help increase awareness and exposure. This can be particularly true when you motivate other people in your niche/industry to sell them or market your products or resources outside of your standard marketing tactics and to new people.

3. Profits

In addition to the profits generated from the sales of your products, you can cross-promote your other products and services and/or promote affiliate products and partners.

4. Credibility and authority

Information products, good ones(!), increase your credibility as an authority in your industry. People will turn to you for more information.

5. Email list

A free or low-cost information product can help build your email list.  If you use that as a starting point for WHY to create a product, you can then use the mindmap to figure out WHAT to create, using the accompanying notes to help guide you on the way.

Here’s the link again.

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