This Brilliant Yet Little-Known Facebook Tool Pulls Highly-Targeted Potential Customers to Your Page…

…It Could Also Change What You Think About Social Media Forever!


I have been testing out something rather exciting this week…

OK, I’ll admit – I’m a bit of a geek over things like this (and so I wont bore you with the smaller details) but I truly believe that we could use this for exciting new opportunities.

Let me explain…

Before you run away feeling sick to death of hearing about the power of social media or the traffic-turbo-charging potential of Facebook, I want to be upfront and say that, YES this is about Facebook – but NO it’s not unmeasurable, it’s not overly time consuming, it is exciting, and it is very doable.

You see, recently, Facebook has added – or adapted and changed – lots of different functions within its ‘toolbox’ for those using Facebook for business.

They are all designed for helping Facebook users increase their ‘fans’ and ‘likers’ etc, in a targeted way.

A very exciting aspect of that is that the majority of these features and functions are tailored towards marketers! Us, then – in theory.

One of the most useful (and least-known) tools is Facebook’s new ‘Custom Audience’ feature, which allows Facebook users (including businesses etc) to find hot, potential audience members among Facebook users to target with Facebook advertising campaigns.

You can create a custom audience for each Facebook ad campaign you create – as many custom audiences as you like.

You can save these custom audiences, analyse them and create ‘lookalike’ audiences.

Ways to segment and create custom audiences include using data from your

  • email addresses;
  • phone numbers;
  • UIDs (unique Facebook IDs);
  • Facebook app IDs.

This capability automatically lets you exclude Facebook users and contacts that don’t fit your exact target audience criteria. This includes audience

  • types;
  • segments.

You can also use this feature to customise a Facebook Ad campaign. For example, getting more ‘Likes’ for your Facebook Page. What the Custom Audience capability lets you do, in this case, is ‘target current customers who have not yet liked your Facebook Page’.

So you will be reaching people who already know you, but who haven’t yet found your Facebook Page.

While Custom Audience is designed for ads rather than Facebook Pages, the most important point to remember here is this: Facebook’s algorithms rank your page on quality and relevant engagement; and penalise it for random, unrelated content.

Your tailored ads increase engagement with your Facebook Page, eliminating non-quality audience members by never putting your ad in front of them in the first place.

This is all part of a new trend to ensure that quality is paramount: that is what makes for the most interaction – and interaction is what keeps Facebook at the top of the social media stats.

I want to make my advice on how you can use custom audiences as practical as possible, so I’m putting together a step-by-step guide that you will be able to download from the website next week.

I’ll include the link in next week’s email so watch out for that one.

Tools to market and promote your ebook / report / product using Facebook

Paid-for ads and custom-made audiences aside, marketing and promoting something on Facebook is not as difficult as you imagine. It is definitely not daunting or scary. It is something you can all do: every one of you. I have no doubt at all.

So, if you have something to promote but you don’t want to commit yet to building your own website; or if you’ve done the whole website thing and now want to look at ways to pull traffic to that site using free tactics, then this week’s email is going to be very handy to you indeed.

Facebook groups – You can set up a Facebook group for every product that you have to promote. If it’s a book or report you have to sell, you can do this before you even finish creating it.

You can have contests; let your fans contribute to ideas in your products, and more. The fans will love you for it and be ready to buy your product as soon as it launches.

Facebook’s embedded posts – Relatively new to Facebook, this will help you embed public Facebook posts elsewhere. Just click the little arrow to see what is offered on any post you’ve created and you have the choices of ‘Hide’, ‘Report/Mark as Spam’, ‘Follow Post’ and, now, ‘Embed Post’.

You can click ‘Embed Post’ and grab the code that lets you embed the post anywhere you want to on the web, like your blog or website.

People can like and share the posts right from your webpage too. If someone wants to comment on the post, it takes them directly to the post on Facebook.

Don’t forget to grab your vanity URL (the personalised address) for every page or group that you choose and create custom Facebook Pages too. This will help you market your products more.

The technology you need to promote on Facebook – Regular readers of this email will know that I am pretty obsessed with sharing good free tools and services I’ve tried out with you.

When it comes to the subject of Facebook, it’s hard to know where to start. You can use apps to manage your marketing campaigns, pages and groups to encourage the best type of interaction between you and your ‘fans’.

Facebook apps to help with marketing – There are many different types of apps that you can use with Facebook to help you with marketing and promoting your products or services via Facebook.

One thing about marketing and promoting something on Facebook is that it can take a lot of time if you’re not aware of all the different technology available to make it quicker and easier.

You don’t really have to do it all yourself, or even have a single creative bone in your body. When creating your Facebook marketing strategy, consider trying one or more of these really rather fabulous software applications…

FaceITPages – You can use this brilliant app to create, promote and track a marketing campaign. You can use their easy templates to make appealing Facebook Pages, and unlock over 20 apps to use to make your Facebook Page better, such as contests, coupons, video, email forms and more.

You can also easily integrate your Facebook with Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts. This also has a convenient WordPress blog feed app.

PageModo – Do you want to design a great cover photo easily? Or to schedule posts?

This app makes it super easy to create new cover images so that you can keep your cover images fresh and new. You don’t need any design skills or coding experience. Just use the awesome templates provided and have fun too. They even offer some free stock photos to choose from to help you. Try it for free.

Part of marketing is knowing which tools to use, when to use them, and how to use them. You know that you want to market and promote on Facebook, but you might not be sure about all that is available to you when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Facebook can open up many doors and even a window or two when it comes to marketing and promoting your products. ??Don’t forget to keep an eye out for a link to that report on Custom Audiences next week.

Until then enjoy the sun.

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