The secret of Satan’s Airbag

There’s a water sports centre near where I live – a big lake where you can go and learn to windsurf or sail.

And at the end of the last school term (the children have broken up for summer hols now) there was a bit of a buzz going around amongst the parents about a new addition to the facilities.

They had built an inflatable obstacle course on the water. A bit like on the TV show, Wipeout.

There are these slippery tubes you have to try and run across without falling in. There are wobbly pontoon bridges, inflatable see-saws and ‘hamster wheels’ that you climb inside and run around.

Anyway, it sounded like the grown-ups had been having as much fun as the kids so I took my two boys there last Tuesday to go and check it out.

(It’s at Manley Mere in Cheshire if you’re ever passing by.)

The highlight of the session was, as my boys christened it, ‘Satan’s Airbag’.

Now this was a big semi-inflated rubber pillow. A sweet and innocent child sits on one end while his eager father leaps from a high platform onto the other. The rush of air travelling to the opposite end of the pillow propels the child up into the air and great fun is had by all.

And I when I say propelled into the air, I mean *really* propelled – arms and legs flailing, shrieks of horror/delight, mid-air flips and somersaults, they absolutely loved it.

But it took a few attempts before we hit the sweet spot.

Either the boys were sitting in the wrong position and just slid off the side of the bag, or the jumper (me!) landed off centre and didn’t get the rush of air going properly.

It took 2 or 3 goes before we centred-in on the right technique. But once we got it right once we could repeat again without fail.

Something about the ‘feel’ of the correct positioning and muscle memory lets you do it again time-after-time.

And it’s the same with trading. It might take 2 or 3 attempts to learn a new entry signal. It might even take you 2 or 3 attempts to get positioned in once particular trade. But once you’ve got everything lined up right the effects can be long lasting and spectacular.

I’ll be showing a new intake of students exactly how to do it in currency markets soon.

In fact I’m opening up the doors to my Forex Breakthrough Academy. But enrolment will only be open for 72 hours.

If it’s about time your trading results were propelled higher keep an eye out for my emails. It might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

I’ll have more detail for you very soon.

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