The long road to Siam…

I am beginning my long road back to Thailand and ‘er indoors. I only came to this part of the world to celebrate my 50th birthday and have been here ever since! It’s now getting a bit too chilly so this repatriation flight has come at the right time!

I would like to look today at the football, and the Challenge Table. Yes, we are only 6 matches into the season, but patterns can start to emerge if you use the Challenge Table. Here’s a look at Everton. The Challenge Table can be found at 2 websites, and

I use the latter.Here’s Fulham.


The Challenge Table shows results by league position.What becomes apparent, even this early on, is a likely struggle and conceding of 2+ goals for Fulham v teams in the top 10. And…a likely more competitive Fulham against bottom third teams.

This Challenge Table will be more and more accurate the later on in the season we get.

Once we get a good proportion of matches under our belts, distinct patterns will emerge which you can profit from. With hindsight, what patterns emerged from Arsenal last season?

The long road to Siam…

Arsenal tended to remain unbeaten at home outside of the top 4 last season, bar Brighton’s double.

Arsenal have that eternal struggle away v the top 10. On this occasion, this season, only one win.

If you like a punt on the football, please make sure that the Challenge Table is consulted each week.

A quick look can uncover whether teams struggle against top third teams, or find top third teams easier, for example. A look at Arsenal last season and they simply struggled away v the top 10.

Next time you hear from me, I hope to be in Thailand, albeit in quarantine for 2 weeks. Imagine….2 weeks without a Singha Beer! How am I going to cope?

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