The final live market to use for Cheltenham

The final live market to use for Cheltenham is the Betfair market.

If you have software such as fairbot, then use the price graphs on the left of the screen to determine the likely market movers. As I am writing this email early, here is an example from an Australian race.


It seems the odds on favourite is bossing this race and is the only horse attracting the money. Indeed this horse went on to win.

I like to look for odds shortening which match one or more candiates generated by out Racing Post Betting Forecast comparitor and Sporting Life patterns live market reading . What I like looking for are horses where the odds simply cannot make up their minds. The horse’s odds rise, then fall, then rise, then fall. This undecidedness can really signal some good prospective candidates for each way betting.

The final live market to use for Cheltenham

Marry these 3 live market reading strategies together, and you’ve got all the ammo to attack those Betfair live markets.

I would like to do a broadcast via twitter this Cheltenham but this Festival is bang smack in the middle of my 50th birthday celebrations where there’ll be a 50 gun salute from Castle Cornet in Guernsey, parties involving all of the World’s main dignitaries including Kelly Brook and Rachel Riley ( proviso – leave the husbands at home) and a visit or 2 to the Nou Camp to watch Barcelona. Not a bad way to celebrate my waist size matching my age!

And there’s more to celebrate…

If you were a member of   the each-way selections have been killing it recently.

Since 18th February, we’ve had winners at 25/1, 8/1, a 3rd at 34.00 decimal odds, paying 4/1 for just placing, 10/1, and 20/1 .

A great haul and using each-way betting which is the key to success at Cheltenham ( taking advantage of the insurance of the place market).

The final live market to use for Cheltenham will be getting a make-over this coming month ( as I will for my 50th birthday!) where we streamline it to include only the best, most consistent profitable betting strategies which must have a solid foundation of yearly results ( 2 horse race placers for instance has profited every year since 2013!). More info to follow.

Meanwhile, Cheltenham is knocking on the door. I hope you will exercise your live market reading skills and try and uncover a stable gamble or two. 

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