The end of a football era…

It was a week which shook the footballing world. News that………..I won’t be able to play Sunday League Football for a while because of an ACL injury. I am writing this while waiting in line for news on whether my ACL and meniscus tears can be repaired. If not, I will have to contemplate the only logical next move, and that is Football Management.  I can slice oranges, and my Mum has a big washing machine to wash the kit , those are the key criteria for a successful Sunday League manager.

Oh… and some bloke called Maradona passed away as well. That also shook the footballing world.

The football theme continued this week with the launch of my Football Trading Academy, incorporating DRT so I’ve been busier than a rather attractive Thai Nurse, in preparing for new members to the DRT training, live chats and Telegram tipping service.

From a horse racing perspective, I’ll start looking in next week’s eletter into the performance of favourites, and the major trends at the Big December horse racing meetings. So watch out for those trends next week.

I’m off now to buy a Gareth Southgate style waistcoat for my pending leap into Football Management.

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