That’s Cheltenham sorted!

Cheltenham sorted? But it’s not even Valentine’s Day!

I am referring to February’s edition of What Really Wins Money, which I’ve just edited. February’s newsletter is traditionally a Cheltenham Special.

We’ve got the Betting Doctor himself, Andrew David, who provides a form-reading masterclass as he analyses past races for the Cheltenham Festival. 100+ points in profit for Andrew for these Cheltenham articles over time. Well worth a read.

His focus is primarily on each-way betting. Cheltenham Festival, he argues, is perfect for an each-way plunder.

I look at the fate of the shorties (horses at 2/1 and shorter) since 2000 at the festival: the conclusions might surprise you.

There is a look too at ‘pace’ and Cheltenham. Certain horses of a certain pace profile have tended to win more often in certain races. I have written about pace here in the past. For you newbies, I would recommend the free resource at

Click on races, then a race of your choice. Turn on the TF Pacemap. This will identify the ‘pace profile’ of each horse. There are five pace profiles, or ‘Early Position Figures’:

  • EPF 1 Leader/Front Runner
  • EPF 2 Prominent/Close Up
  • EPF 3 Mid-division
  • EPF 4 Towards Rear
  • EPF 5 Behind

The majority of key races at Cheltenham have tended to be won by Prominent horses or Front Running horses.

The Patriarch’s focus is on the four Championship races at the festival.

The Statman takes a look at the trainers in contention for the ‘Top Trainer’ title at the festival. He has drilled through the stats and identifies the best time to back these trainers, the races they excel in, the ages of horses they excel in, etc. Fascinating reading!

So for all things Cheltenham, a read of February’s WRWM will be right up your street.

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