Strategies for your betting arsenal…

Uncle duty takes its toll…

Yes folks, I have three weeks of uncle duty and only five days in, I am flagging. A six-year-old and a three-year-old are giving me more of a work out than any personal trainer could accomplish.

It’s great though to be back in Guernsey in the summer. Guernsey is quiet, relaxing, 35 mph maximum speed limit, and beautiful beaches.

(This eletter has been sponsored by the Guernsey Tourism Agency.)

In between Uncle Duty I am still keeping up with my tips, which you What Really Wins Money newsletter subscribers get for free at Yesterday, for example, the each ways produced winners at odds of 3.25, 9, and 5.1 decimal odds, which followed a placed horse the day earlier, which paid out nearly 7/1.

I am kicking those so-called professional each way tipsters to the curb, girlfriend.

At newsletter subscribers also get a number of other tips from profitable long-term strategies.

Away from the tips, some of the strategies I recently wrote about in What Really Wins Money are profiting well. I already mentioned the 358 System (my nod to Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin with their 3-2-1), which has turned £100 into £1,862 since 28 September 2014. This is real world profit, not just theoretical profit.

When I found this strategy, I raced to include it in my betting portfolio. I am astounded at how it keeps profiting and will happily milk it for weeks and months to come.

I actually have a couple of ideas how What Really Wins Money readers can treble profits from this strategy. More to follow…

Other strategies, such as my Irish Bumper Strategy, have happily made a 7 point profit in 2015. ‘Whoopdy-doo’, you might comment. But when you realise how simple the strategy is, this is money for nuffink, as the cockney Dire Straits said.

In next week’s eletter I’ll give you a fuller update on my Home-Grown betting strategies, as there is no newsletter in July.

I’ll also be beginning my look at the new football season. The Russian Premier League kicks off today and we see the big clubs out and about in pre-season friendlies. For instance, Man Utd begin their USA pre-season tour Saturday morning, and Arsenal are in Singapore. It all signals that the season proper is returning. I’ll be taking you through some great football niches in coming eletters.

I believe that if you focus on a specific niche and get to know it well, you will have an advantage. A niche could be something as simple as a football league, e.g. the German Bundesliga. A sub-niche could be, say, last year’s top four sides in that league. Another tighter niche could be a single team. Imagine if you focus specifically on Bayern Munich and you got to know their habits and intricacies, you would have a clear advantage over other punters, when Bayern matches appear.

Other niches are based around specific betting markets, such as Over 2.5 Goals. Note I say ‘Over 2.5 Goals’ and not ‘Over/Under 2.5 Goals’. I will go into greater detail in the next few eletters. What Really Wins Money newsletter subscribers will benefit from my new football blog at, where I’ll be sharing some thoughts on the weekend football, for free!

And not wishing to blow my own trumpet (my three-year-old nephew ran over my trumpet on his tricycle so I cannot blow it!), I know my football, being steeped in it daily as part of

You’ll get this expertise at the website for free once the season begins.

There’ll also be a look back at the Twitter tennis trading I did for Wimbledon @whatreallywins. It was a resounding success I thought, and it’s time I distilled some of the techniques for you.

I’m off now to get on a boat to Sark to watch the sheep racing tomorrow. Me… I’ll bet on anything. I have a tip that Flossy has shown some great work at home. She’s my each way back.

See you next week: that’s if I am still here after another week of uncle duty!