Stick to the rules and profit…

Andrew David here! For those that don’t know me, I’m the creator of several systematic-type betting products.

These include: Football Bankbuilder, The Price Equalisation Method (PEM) and the Legacy Horse Racing publication, all of which I’m glad to say have passed many lengthy reviews.

Not forgetting Little Acorns, of course: that has even received a top award on one site for the best horse racing system five years in a row! I was over moon by this for the simple reason it was voted for by its readers – and they’re the ones that count.

I also run the very popular ‘Quick Fire’ betting course, where I give members a selection of strategies each month (mainly exchange-based) that helps them to profit daily.

These strategies are biased towards playing the numbers (rather than the form) to extract our profit edge.

More recently I’ve been running the Betting Doctor website, which contains reviews, blogs and a ‘Testing Pod’ area where I’ve trialled new home-grown systems ‘live’ for users to follow daily.

I also sent out a weekly email containing tips, strategies, and betting-related articles, with the mission of improving readers’ betting, and helping them to develop a winning mindset that can only be gleaned from improving our knowledge from the arena we are involved in.

To extend this even further, I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve now teamed up with my long-term colleague Clive Keeling (he of DRT and What Really Wins Money fame) to produce several betting-related emails over the course of each month (in between Clive’s excellent weekly writings).

I’m really excited about the prospect of writing articles for WRWM readers, and my sole goal (as ever) is to hammer the bookies – along with giving you interesting articles to help you get the edge and stay ahead of the game.

So, without further ado, lets get straight down to business with an article on how you must (and I mean MUST) stick rigidly to the rules of any systematic way of betting if you are to profit long-term.

I recently received an email from someone who was using my ‘Stake Small Win Big’ football strategy: he commented on how well he was doing with four wins, four break-evens and two small losses from his last ten bets.

Contrast the above grateful email to another I received from someone that wasn’t so successful – and was puzzled as to why he wasn’t winning…

I cautiously asked if he was sticking EXACTLY to the rules as outlined for each bet – in particular the ‘shots on target’ entry criteria. I did ask for an honest answer, in order to give him constructive feedback. After all, he would only be lying to himself if his answer was less than honest.

He replied he did stick to the rules on most matches, but not on all, and admitted to being a bit loose with the rules if there were very few qualifiers at his time of viewing.

Now, there in a nutshell was the sole reason why he wasn’t winning: trying to force bets by going outside the rules.

With this particular strategy, and like many others it’s a very fine line between profit and loss, it’s the filters and following them correctly that will land you on the right side of the fence.

With the above particular strategy, it’s very important to exactly adhere to the ‘shots on target’ minimum entry stat. Going into matches with one fewer shot on target could push you into break-even, or into a slight loss territory.

Going into matches by two or more fewer shots than required, and you are looking at losing long-term. That’s the fine line we are dealing with here.

On the other hand, stick to what I advise and you will profit. Add the further filters that I advise and you will profit even more, as you are then moving increasingly in the right direction and putting the odds firmly in your favour.

The message is clear: no matter how tempting it maybe to go outside the filters advised just to force a bet will result in you being quickly out of pocket. You will soon be topping up your Betfair account again – and let’s face it, who wants that!?

Until next time!

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