Start your own garment business (and you could make a five figure income)

There’s a garment many of us wear and any one of us can create and turn into a full-time income without upfront investment and no risk of any kind.

I’m talking about the simple t-shirt.

Right now there is a thriving online trade in t-shirts that are targeted to niche social groups – from Trump supporters to dog lovers to war veterans – sold through sites like Teespring and, more recently, from a new design and marketing platform called Amazon Merch.

This “POD”Produce On Demand – looks a great opportunity to me.

In one case I read this week, a 51-year old breakfast DJ from Derbyshire left his job to sell t-shirts on Teespring, grossing two million dollars in sales in 2015, banking a $800,000 profit in total.

There is a lot of competition, but equally, there are few things you can do to steal a march on the herd. I’ll point to a few of them today.

This will only take you a few hours

It’s a reasonably simple task to get started…

You can create and upload our own images and optional captions for t-shirts, and the POD company will make and sell and deliver to buyers.  Every sale earns its designer a commission.

Amazon Merch is where the internet’s most successful t-shirt designers claim to sell more of their designs than from any similar t-shirt site, even Teespring which still boasts numerous millionaire creators.

Amazon is popular because it goes overboard helping designers research and develop new t-shirt images and captions and provides templates and tools to make producing unique designs easy and price testing an absolute breeze.

It also helps that Amazon itself is one of the world’s most visited eCommerce sites.

But unlike most similar sites, a design taking you an hour or two to create and upload can begin selling on Amazon the very same day and continue selling indefinitely. Amazon also gives designers a much higher share of the profits than most of its competitors.

Continue developing new Amazon designs and, though only a few might  become bestsellers, you could find yourself with a five figure annual income within your first few months.

This is what you need to know about Amazon Merch:

• Currently, t-shirt sales are restricted to the .com site but designers can be based worldwide.  Amazon UK is expected to have a Merch t-shirt platform in the forseeable future.

• Designers must apply to be invited into the programme and some applicants say they have been asked to produce a sample t-shirt before applying.  From what I read, this lets Amazon weed out incompetent designers and focus on top quality creators.  You can apply for an invitation here.

• Once you’ve been accepted, you:

(i) Create your artwork – an image, logo, cartoon, drawing, etc. – with an optional slogan or caption.

(ii) Upload your work to Amazon’s Merch site and set your own price.  Amazon provides a calculator showing how much you earn and what portion of sales goes to Amazon.

(iii) Wait for your design to go live and then promote it yourself or let Amazon do it all for you.  Many successful t-shirt designers do promote their own work, usually those with a high following on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Other designers stick to creating new products and letting Amazon take care of the selling.

(iv) Rinse and repeat and wait for sales and money going into your bank account.

• Niche designs tend to be more popular with buyers and ultimately more profitable for Amazon and its designers. Successful t-shirt designers say newcomers should choose a generic subject, such as jokes, familiar quotes and domestic animals, and then hone in on a popular sub-niche: it could be jokes about doctors, quotes from famous murderers, images of one breed of cat or dog.

The tighter your subject, they say, the more likely your designs will go viral on social media or at image sites like Pinterest and Google Images.

• Model your own designs on current bestselling t-shirts and follow Amazon’s most successful designers, especially those with several top selling products.  Amazon Merch designs are mingled with t-shirts from outside makers and sellers.  Here’s where to find Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank.

Choose a product category left side of the page or key ‘t-shirt’ into the main search box.  Focus on t-shirts receiving the highest number of mainly positive reviews.

This is where I found the current bestselling t-shirts for men.

• Extend your search to bestselling t-shirts at other major POD sites. Concentrate on current trending topics, like Donald Trump’s presidential election and Brexit, which sellers say can attract thousands of sales for just one design until the topic goes cold.

These are the POD sites to study first:



Red Bubble





Note that some of those sites are t-shirt specific and some create hundreds of different products based on other people’s designs.

• Discover the most popular search terms to use as the title for your products and in their design and marketing.  Here is a very useful guide for finding useful search terms.

Last, but not least, I’m sure you’ll agree Amazon Merch is an opportunity well worth considering and I recommend you get started right away.  Use the following websites to grow your knowledge and help you get started in this easy, passive income business.

Three great resources to get you started

This is where to study terms and conditions, royalty rates, templates and other advice and tools from Amazon Merch.

I found an excellent guide to starting a t-shirt business here.

For a complete guide to making money with Amazon Merch visit this site.

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