Special One returns

With the appointment of the Special One at Tottenham ( I didn’t know Rachel Riley from Countdown was a football manager!), this can signal a change in patterns for sides.

https://www.thesackrace.com/appointments is a great website for you to keep tabs on new managerial appointments.

It can also give you some ‘angles in’ as a football bettor or football trader.

On the 17th October, Phil Parkinson was appointed manager of Sunderland and where both teams had scored in 9 matches prior to his appointment, since his appointment we have this record.

Is it a coincidence that his appointment coincides with a run of 4 matches in which only 1 team has scored and in which Sunderland have not conceded more than 1 goal at home. Note the 3 1-0 scorelines and the fact there has not been a 0-0 at halftime.

By checking out the managers at www.thesackrace.com , their appointment datess and then performance at www.soccerstats.com see if you can notice any sudden changes in patterns ( as above from both teams to score to only one team scoring and a tightening in defence).

Which way do you think the Special One ( Rachel Riley from Countdown – a controversial appointment it must be said), will change Tottenham? 

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