Save 2.6G and suss out the strategy yourself!

The start of a new month means the construction of the next What Really Wins Money newsletter, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the types of topics I cover in September’s newsletter.

With the US Open tennis finalising, I thought I would take a look at tennis-related betting products.

One in particular caught my attention as being value for money and one was full of meaningless jargon and best left alone.

Additionally, given the emails I have received asking my opinion on Tony Langley and Tim Lowe’s Daisho Football Hedging System, I thought I would look at Method One of their original football hedging product of 2015, as that is the mainstay of the strategy.

But you don’t need the towering intellect of a Wayne Rooney to realise that I will not be forking out £2600 for a football hedging system.

In September’s newsletter I offer you the challenge to suss out the strategy yourself with the information Langley and Lowe freely impart in their extensive marketing pieces.

Elsewhere in September’s WRWM I continue to trumpet the causes of short odds.

Forget value as being the only way to profit from horse racing long-term: that is patently not true. I showcase a strategy which turned £1,000 into £10,000 since 2013 using only the horse racing Place markets.

The Patriarch this month continues his discussion into profiting from football draws.

The Statman shows you the real profits to be had from beaten favourites. Do backers or layers (or both) come out on top?

The Home-Grown Systems Update in the newsletter offers an update on performance for the tips I offer at Generally speaking, they are all in good order and making a good 2017 profit.

The next time you hear from me, I will be Down Under, attending my sister’s wedding to an Aussie. Strewth mate! Thankfully he is not called Bruce, which is a blessing I suppose.

I’m off now to throw another Barbie on the tinnie, or something like that.

See you next week.

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