Review Update: Little Acorns – ADK Publishing

Review by Charlie Wright, updated by Tom Wake

Little Acorns from ADK Publishing is very popular with many of my readers…

It’s a betting service that’s getting some great feedback and lots of good comments. Not just from emails sent to me, but also voluntarily placed on my forum.

Yes, sometimes it does happen… genuine GOOD NEWS STORIES!

Here are some of the fantastic comments about Little Acorns from the forum…

“I recently invested in ‘Little Acorns’ and have to say it is unbelievably easy to use.”

“I have been using Little Acorns for some time now and have built up my stakes gradually. I started with £5 lay units and have moved up gradually to £50 lay units and now stash away around £1,200 profit a month.”

Review Update: Little Acorns – ADK Publishing

“With Little Acorns you do need patience. But I have bags of patience if it returns me a profit!”

“It does the job and makes money without the worry of high liabilities. For anyone just starting my advice is to start small and move up the staking ladder by re-investing winnings as shown in the book slowly.”

“Yes, i have made Little Acorns pay but its been a slow ongoing process to climb up the staking ladder, but it’s been worth it.”

In a nutshell, Little Acorns is a ‘low liability laying system’. The aim is to get you between 7 and 35 times your initial stake without exposing yourself to high payout liabilities.

It’s published by ADK who were behind the also popular Legacy & Saver systems which I recommended last year.

When you take up their risk-free 30 day trial, you get a book containing the background information, the system and the formulas to follow.

This includes a staking plan, plus details of your starting bank, plus where and when to place your bets. These are easy to read and nicely laid out. Even the most novice racing punter can get to grips with it.
It’s well worth checking out. And best of all, ADK offer a 30-day trial with a full money back guarantee. No conditions or small print. This is something you can trust 100%. I’m in contact with the publisher and they’re super-quick to responds if you have a query or problem.

You can take up your trial by visiting the Little Acorns website here

Highly Recommended

UPDATE 1 (09/02/2013):

See Insider’s Edge beta tester Paul’s excellent and detailed beta test here.

UPDATE 2: (30/09/2013):

A few people have written to ask for the latest results on this one. Fair enough. I admit the review has not changed in a long while. And as we all know, a betting system is only as good as it’s most recent run.

Well, good news. I’ve got hold of some results from this year and they look pretty good to me. For those following the system “to the letter”, here’s the scores on the doors:

JANUARY: 2013 = +9.80
FEBRUARY: 2013 = +7.15
MARCH: 2013 = +11.10
APRIL: 2013 = +12.55
MAY: 2013 = -5.90
JUNE: 2013 = +15.20
JULY: 2013 = +17.40
AUGUST: 2013 = +16.70
SEPTEMBER: 2013 = +19.50
OCTOBER: 2013 = +10.80
NOVEMBER: 2013 = +3.33
DECEMBER: 2013 = +11.11
JANUARY: 2014 = +6.68
FEBRUARY: 2014 = +14.65
MARCH: 2014 = +11.10
APRIL: 2014 = +2.33
MAY: 2014 = +7.20
JUNE: 2014 = +11.77
JULY: 2014 = +13.30
AUGUST: 2014 = +7.73

27 Months Total is +253.59 points profit (and only 3 losing months in 27 months). These results are fully proofed.

You can try Little Acorns risk-free for 30 days here

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