Review: Fast Track – Stephen Sutherland

by Charlie Wright

Paul and Stephen Sutherland are the guys who famously boosted their trading account from £19,000 to £783,000 in just over 3 years.

They even ended up in the papers because of it!

They’re behind the free e-book “The Fast Track to Financial Independence”.

As well as this free book, Fast Track also offers you the chance to use the Sutherland’s expertise, risk-free.

The promise? That by investing in ISAs, you could make a massive £903,000 in tax-free income over the next 10 years.

It’s a big promise, fair enough. But unlike those over-hyped investment websites that try to ‘sell you’, this is the real deal.

It’s not get rich quick. It’s not high risk. It doesn’t require any short-term trading.

Let’s say, rather than doing a 100mph wheelie on a motorbike, you’re getting into an estate car and following the speed limit.

Not for adrenaline junkies, it’s one of those lower-risk, long-term plans that aim to make money slowly, but surely.

On the website you’ll see a full explanation of how Sutherland’s Fast Track service aims to make you a million in ten years…by investing in ISAs.

You’ll see all the figures, charts and evidence laid out in full. He also explains why a market correction like we’ve just seen is a great opportunity to start your investment plan.

Stephen Sutherland says:

“Starting from zero, if you take advantage of the current market climate, you could accumulate close to a million pounds in tax-free cash over the next decade.”

Here’s what to expect…

Sign up to Fast Track on a risk-free trial basis and they will offer you full training in a group situation about how the Tax-Free Millionaire system works.

That’s hands-on training with the experts themselves.

If you attend the session and – for any reason – you don’t think the information will make you money, you can ask for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.

They’re above board and this is one of those watertight guarantees you can trust.

They also give you:

*** The Tax-Free Millionaire Manual, which you can take away and use as a review tool. The manual includes everything you learn and explains how the full system works.
*** 12 Months’ Subscription to Fast-Track’s Daily Market Updates and our monthly newsletter The Big Picture. This support tells you when they believe it’s safe to invest, when they are buying, what they are buying and when they are switching into safe investment vehicles.
*** Membership to the members-only ‘Liquid Club’.

UPDATE: This product is no longer available

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