Review: Copy Paste Profit – Sharon Fussell

Over the break I had a chance to take a really good look at Copy, Paste, Profit from Sharon Fussell.

It’s excellent.

It’s such a simple, clever idea and it really works.

You can see it here

The central idea is that this involves ‘copying and pasting’ from one website to another… which almost makes it sound too good to be true.

The good news is that really is the hardest thing involved in this, which makes it accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking to make a little sideline income (a GENUINE one which doesn’t require you to wade through anything complex or technical) then it’s definitely worth taking a look at this.

Review: Copy Paste Profit – Sharon FussellHow much could you really make from this?

If you’re expecting thousands of pounds to pour into your account each week on autopilot then this isn’t for you.

You do have to put in a bit of time in, copying and pasting (between 2 websites) to bag your profits.

Realistically you’re looking at a few hundred pounds net profit each month.

This is made clear in the offer (for a change!) but I thought it was worth highlighting here.

The good news is that it’s a few hundred pounds for doing what has to be one of the most straightforward and clever little biz-opps I’ve come across.

It’s clean, simple and it genuinely works

What does it involve exactly?

Out of respect to Sharon I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but it’s a form of arbitrage.

Effectively you bag the profit between two fixed prices online.

But there’s a twist…

Often people are put off by listing physical items to sell online because they don’t fancy cluttering up their house with stock…

… and they don’t want to have to traipse to the post office to send off items.

What’s absolutely genius about this is that there’s no storing, posting or packing with Copy, Paste, Profit whatsoever.

It’s really, really simple yet I would never have thought of this idea in a million years.

Sharon’s modest claim that you could make an extra £291 – £687 a month is very fair

Unlike a lot of system producers out there, Sharon uses this herself (and continues to use it!)

I’ve seen her PayPal receipts, including last month’s, and she continues to use this as a serious income stream.

It’s a generous market and if you’re able to get a space on this there’s plenty of room to profit alongside her.

Because of how this works, in the run up to Christmas your profits increase considerably, so you could easily see your profits (remember this is net of any costs) double.

In case you’re wondering, since opening up this opportunity to others her own profits from this haven’t dented in the slightest.

And there’s something else which makes this even more exciting…

You could supercharge your profits by following the same technique, but hitting multiple niches

Sharon’s course focuses on ONE particular niche and shows you how to tackle it step-by-step.

This is the area she personally specialises in but there’s nothing to stop you going off and using this model in other niches.

In fact the people who’ll get the most out of this will follow her steps and then take the initiative to expand into other areas.

As I went through this I spotted numerous opportunities in different niches using the exact same techniques she teaches you, and some of these are fantastic money-spinners.

In one case I found a niche with a £40 – £50 mark up each time.

Copy, Paste, Profit is covered by Canonbury’s risk-free guarantee

This one’s published by Canonbury Publishing which means that you’re automatically covered by their risk-free trial period.

It’s a full 30 days on Copy, Paste, Profit, so take a look at everything and see it working for yourself. If for any reason you don’t think it’s right for you, you can claim a full ‘no quibbles’ refund.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the support aspect. You’re not on your own with this.

When you sign up you automatically get access to Sharon’s private email address, so if you want to check over anything with her, make sure you use it. She’s very approachable and whenever I’ve contacted her with questions has been quick to offer help.

It’s worth grabbing your space on this before the price goes up

It’s currently on a ‘launch price’ offer and that price is going to go up so if you’re interested do take a look now and save yourself some money.

It really is a great little business opportunity and perfect if you’re looking for something you can dip in and out off without learning any complex skills.

You really don’t need any previous knowledge to get involved.

Sharon does this alongside her full time Amazon business – as a little bolt on strategy – that’s how accessible and straightforward it is.

This really is a fun and profitable technique and fantastic value.

Highly Recommended.

Copy, Paste, Profit.

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