Possible angles this all-weather winter?

I thought I would look at the 10-year stats for October, November and December.

Class 6 and 7 runner races turned a 77 and 49 points profit for favourite backers.

Dundalk and Newcastle, at this time of year, lead the stats for favourite backers. 70 and 45 points to Betfair SP ( and note the distinction between Betfair SP and Industry SP).

13 runner races are standout in October, November, December at the all-weather venues. 122 points profit to Betfair SP for favourite backers.

I love to look at pace as it so consistently identifies the best profits. Leaders and Prominent favourites turned a combined 208 points profit

Combining the best of these stats, backing favourites at this time of year at Dundalk and Newcastle , in 13 runner races, turned a 68 point profit to Betfair SP and 42 point profit to Industry SP.

This combination made a 31 points profit to Betfair SP last year. Will it do the same this year?

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