New Balls Please

York Ebor meeting continues today and tomorrow and it’s a good opportunity for you to use websites like to shortlist selections based on past race trends. I showed you how to do that in past eletters , and to some success in the featured races.

New Balls Please.

No, my wife hasn’t found my carefully hidden collection of Kelly Brook bikini calendars, I am referring to the Tennis and in particular the US Open.  The pre-Grand Slam Tournaments are all kicking off today .

Why do I like Grand Slam tennis, and why do I think you should focus on Grand Slam tennis?

There’s 2 main reasons.

1) All of the players are giving their all , all of the time.

Remember this, particularly when Nadal is 2 sets and 5 games to 4 down in a first leg match against a feisty newcomer.

We know, in Grand Slams, that the players will have peaked . The underdogs may up their game. The established players should fight back. We…can profit from this.

2) Men’s Grand Slam tennis is the best of 5 sets, first to 3. This presents a great trading/ betting in-play opportunity. Watch out for the 2-0 to 2-1 phenomenon in Grand Slam men’s tennis.

Players 2-0 down know that if they don’t win the next set, they’re out. We see a huge number of these scorelines at 2-0 turn into 2-1.

How do you profit?

Lay the player 2-0 up?

Back the player 2-0 down?

Lay 3-0 set wins for the player leading 2-0

And cash out at 2-1

There are other tennis angles I will share with you in the next eletter, along with examples. September is nearly with us, and Grand Slam tennis will allow some excellent value betting /trading opportunities.

For you chartists, I’ll show you how you can profit from tennis without knowing anything about tennis, by using the ‘charts’.

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