My thanks to Andrew!

Thanks very much to Andrew David, as ever, for his football insights in last week’s eletter.

Andrew was instrumental back in the day, when I had no grey hairs and did not look like an apprentice sumo wrestler, in the evolution of, my football trading service. I did manage to meet Andrew too in Cobh, Ireland. We’ve always chatted via email so it was great to meet up in person.

Andrew will be contributing an eletter once a week. Always a good read!

I received some feedback on the Irish stats I presented last eletter I wrote. The class of race in Ireland is determined by prize money, I found out.

These figures may be out of date but provide you with a basis to work from:

0 – 4999 euros class 6
5000 – 6999 class 5
7000 – 9999 class 4
10000 – 12999 class 3
13000+ class 2

I hope they help.

If there are any angles you want looking at, from performance of favourites in heavy ground or performance of 2 year olds at the new all weather courses, let me know. I can check out the data for you here in the eletter!

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