My most profitable betting systems of 2015…

I’ve now completed my journey back the land that spawned Matt Le Tissier, Heather Watson and, er, me too. Yes it’s back to Guernsey for a spot of Christmas festivities with the family. Mince pies, Raiders of the Lost Ark and a smaller-than-usual selection of Quality Street awaits.

As the year winds down, I thought I’d share with you some of the more successful Home-Grown betting systems which have featured throughout the  What Really Wins Money newsletter in 2015.

I start with one near to my heart: the Two-Horse Race Placers system. This system has been profitable for 3 consecutive years now and I am, of course, delighted with it. Here’s how the profit graph has looked in 2015:
A 20-point profit this year is a little down on previous years. I have not shown you the special staking plan, which has sky-rocketed profits into 3-figure-points profits for the last 3 years. I’ll leave that to What Really Wins Money newsletter readers! Click on this image below to join up…
Two-Horse Race Placers is a no-brainer for me in 2016. I’ll be taking more profit from this little beauty next year.

As well as good ole dependable, I do like to mix things a little and shoot for the higher profits. Higher profits do tend to run in tandem with higher risk, and if that’s your bag, then my 3-5-8 Strategy has been very profitable for 14 months now.

Here’s how this homegrown performed in 2015:
The figure £2,827.27 is what would have happened to a starting bank of £100 using my special staking plan and selection system. Beware though! This is high risk and uses loss-retrieval, so is a strategy I am happy to ride and profit from.

I’m a simple man (my girlfriend does not stop reminding me), and what better than a simple-to-find selection strategy? Here’s one: you might be able to suss this one out yourself. I call it the ‘Biggest Betting Forecast Price’ lay strategy.

This strategy has made a simple 43 points profit to date and, whilst the profit graph is a little volatile, I am hopeful of a long-term profit.
And to end my showcase of Home-Grown strategies likely to profit well in 2016, here’s one I call the M-S-C System, which has profited for 2 years from laying horses at odds of 1.5 or shorter. Quite some feat!

By laying so low, risk is reduced and profits increased. Add to this my unique staking strategy and profits have been coming. A £100 starting betting bank turned into £340 last year:
Each year I tend to find a handful of breakthrough betting systems which profit long-term. Will you be part of the What Really Wins Money family in 2016? I hope so.

I must admit I have had some Jose Mourinho-type strategies – started well then let me down. I do tend to focus on the ‘Leicester City’ systems – the ones consistently delivering!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and will speak to you soon – that’s if I can type: my fingers may have expanded as a result of all of those mince pies.