My betting portfolio for 2016…

I hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year. I had a nice break in Guernsey, on uncle duty, and left fattened up and mince-pied out, ready to return to finding you the best betting systems and strategies for 2016.

I would like to start this eletter by asking you if you actually have a plan for this year, as far as your betting is concerned?

I have my portfolio of strategies for 2016: a happy mixture of low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk strategies which have profited historically and I hope will profit again by year-end.

My ‘portfolio’ is made up primarily of self-created betting strategies which I feature for readers of What Really Wins Money, within the Home-Grown Betting Systems section of the newsletter.

So here’s a glimpse of the strategies I will be employing this 2016…

Two-Horse Race Placers

Three years of profits now for this lovely little strategy suggests an automatic place in my portfolio for 2016. This is a horse racing place-only strategy with a high strike rate.

I would describe this as a low-risk strategy because of said high strike rate. I can increase my risk, and thus my return, by employing an alternative-to-level-stakes staking plan.

As I hinted at above, for me there is a correlation between risk and reward. The higher the risk, the greater the potential reward. This is why I include this particular strategy in my portfolio for 2016. It employs loss-retrieval staking, which is a high-risk strategy. I do, though, have 15+ months of profitable results to fall back on. I enter this strategy safe in the knowledge that it could fall apart like a team managed by Tim Sherwood.

Biggest Betting Forecast Favourite and Big Field of the Day laying strategies

I do like employing laying strategies, particularly with horse racing. As with the Two-Horse Race Placers, we should expect a high strike rate and consistent year-long profits.

Football Trading

This is not a systemised way of betting. With the strategies named above, we know our selections already. With football trading, and indeed tennis trading (with the Australian Open in our midst, beginning on 18 January), I tend to react to events in play.

Using good money management, I hope to engender a year-long profit.

So, these are my key strategies for my portfolio in 2016. There are others which form part of this portfolio, and I will be adding to the portfolio as I make new discoveries in 2016. If you want more information on my personal betting portfolio, then do read the What Really Wins Money newsletter for more information.

Do you have a list of strategies, and tipsters you will be following this year? Do these strategies have a good mix of low and high-risk strategies, both backing and laying?


The big boys are out in force at the moment. In Qatar, Berdych, Nadal and Djokovic are warming up for the Australian Open.

The time difference in Australia may not be conducive for tennis trading, unless you are an early riser or a night owl. The Australian Open is a great reminder to you that there are profits to be made with tennis trading.

Here’s a recent example which I hope will illustrate my approach to tennis trading…

Novak Djokovic played Leonardo Mayer in the Qatar Open yesterday. I like to focus on the ‘big boys’ for my tennis trading – i.e. the top 10.

Novak Djokovic was 1.03 to win this match. No value to be had whatsoever! So where was my interest piqued? I looked at the Set Betting market, and in particular the 2-0 Set Betting.

Mayer took a 3-4 lead in the second set yesterday, after Djokovic won the first set with ease. This 3-4 lead by Mayer saw the 2-0 Set Betting odds for Novak jump to 2.28 decimal odds.

Now, if the world number one is only a break down, I saw these odds as a gross over-reaction.

I backed Novak in the 2-0 set betting market at 2.28 odds. He duly broke back, and went on to win the second set.

This is how I approach my tennis trading. I did tweet some of the major tennis tournaments and hope to do so again on 18 January onwards for the Australian Open. There is money to be made. I will provide a tennis blueprint in January’s What Really Wins Money, along with an extended look at betting portfolio betting.

Welcome to 2016!