My betting highlights of 2017!

Happy New Year!

Have you got any betting resolutions this year?

Have you thought about which betting arenas and strategies you will focus on this 2018?

Having reviewed my 2017, I was delighted to note that the majority of my betting strategies as showcased at all made a profit over the calendar year.

Which elements of your betting made a profit in 2017?

My highlights last year? Read on…

One-a-day! I love one-a-day betting, be it finding a banker bet to back in the football, or a single horse to lay (out of the hundreds which run on any given race day). More ambitious one-a-day strategies like ‘doubling my betting bank in a week’ made a year-long profit.

The one-a-day strategies all made profits in 2017.

Football banker bets turned £100 into £570, looking to back with a very conservative 10% of the betting bank. The key to success? The use of the +1 Goal handicap market. For those of you who believe that you cannot profit from short odds, talk to my Betfair account!

One particular one-a-day horse racing lay strategy made 60 points profit! And it was no harder than laying a favourite in the biggest field of the day. Yes, that simple. No Nick Mordin-like equations and statistics and arguments.

How about bigger-odds betting strategies?

I shared with you the three-ratings strategy in this here eletter a few weeks ago. In 2017, this strategy made 139 points profit.

It is one of those horse racing strategies which have long losing runs (longest was 14 last year), and is reliant on big-priced winners. Caveat – if these big priced winners do not materialise, then we will not profit. This is the gamble you take with so-called ‘value’ backing.

How about each-way betting this 2018? Already at my website, I have picked five winners for my each-way strategy, which I shared with you again in this here eletter recently. Dig it out, read it, apply it. It is logical and common sense. We focus on the smallest fields which pay out for three places! We back two horses each way to give us a better chance of covering the winner. Try it out, or email me if you can’t find the strategy.

In the world of football, I still love my trading. In simple terms, trading is cashing out if what you expected to happen looks as if it will happen! If you have not considered football as a betting medium, I highly recommend it.

Websites like, when used properly, are a great way to profits. The fact that they specialise statistically in very niche areas really improves your chances of turning a profit. For example, I am focusing on a niche market of laying the 0-0 in the Halftime Score market. I’ll be passing on some more ideas to you over the coming year.

With the Australian Open upon us on the 15th January, I’ll be sharing a great strategy which allows you to back 1.2 shots (1/ 5) at 12/1 and still win!

I’ll do that next week in time for the tournament, although I acknowledge the time zone might be against us. It is a strategy worth knowing. When the clay season kicks off in April, you can use this strategy all the way through Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open!

Good luck with your betting in 2018. The key to success is having a plan, having a money management plan, and sticking with it long-term.

Already a couple of my strategies are loss-making, but there are 360 days remaining in the year. If these strategies are loss-making on December 31st 2018, then I will start moaning!

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