More on laying favourites in-play.

I received a couple of requests to show how to place a trigger bet in play. You’ll recall some juicy profits laying favourites at odds of 1.25 in-play.

Here’s how you do it, follow the criteria from last week’s eletter.

Choose your race at Racing.

Step 1. Click on the pink lay odds of the favourite. On the right hand side, change the odds to 1.25 and enter your stake.

Step 2. Press ‘Place bets’ and then ‘Confirm bets’

Step 3.

You will be presented this this option. Note the 3 options you have At In-Play. You must change the option manually to Keep and then press Update.

More on laying favourites in-play.

You have instructed Betfair to place your 1.25 odds lay of the favourite in-play. If the favourite’s odds hit 1.25 in running and the favourite losing the race, you will win your stake ( £10 minus commission). If the favourite wins the race, you will lose your liability ( £2.50)

Please read last Friday’s eletter for the optimum conditions under which these favourites lose races when matches at odds of 1.25.

And before I leave….September is upon us in 2 days’ time. The Jumps Season is breathing down our necks. Next week I’ll be looking at some strong horse racing angles to attack the new Jumps Season, and maybe I’ll take a look at the Winter All-weather season too!

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