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Nick Laight

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Nick Laight

Business Opportunities

Nick has been a publisher of investment and business opportunity advice for more than 18 years and has generated over £20 million in sales for the publishing industry, financial services, and business products.

Nick writes a free weekly email called What Really Makes Money which gives thousands of readers free, independent reviews of business opportunities, scam alerts and freebies.


Avril Harper

Trading on eBay

Avril Harper is an extremely successful eBay Powerseller and knows exactly how to spot great, low priced items that you can pick up in bulk at auction to flip on eBay for profit.

Avril also has extensive knowledge of ClickBank and a whole range of online business opportunities, which is covered in her free weekly email service, eBay Confidential.


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Amanda O’Brien

Trading Online

Amanda O’Brien has been successfully researching, sourcing and re-selling products online and became a high earning eBay Powerseller in 2005.

Now she enjoys showing others how to do the same whether it’s on eBay, Amazon or from a niche website. It’s all covered in her free weekly email, Powerseller Profiteer.


Sara Baugh

Online Opportunities

Sara is a contributing editor to the Internet Income Detective newsletter and has more than 7 years experience specialising in Internet marketing and online publishing.

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Dave Evans

Financial Trading

Dave Evans is the director of an independent trading research team at What Really Profits. Over the past four years he’s tested hundreds of different financial trading strategies.

Dave has also been a regular contributor to Market Maven, our free weekly financial email service which you can sign up to below.


Clive Keeling

Betting & Gambling

Clive is the editor of What Really Wins Money. He specialises in Horse Racing and football trading but has an extensive knowledge of all things betting related.

In his free, weekly ezine Clive analyses all the strategies and tracks tipsters to point you towards systems that really work – and steer you clear from those that don’t.


Mark Hempshell

Product Sourcing

Mark is a regular contributor to the What Really Makes Money newsletter and is dedicated to seeking out the best business opportunities from car trading to property… and even writing.

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Sharon Fusell

Trading on Amazon

Sharon is an extremely successful Amazon trader. She’s perfected a system for selling books online that’s so successful she’s been able to more than double the salary she was making in her old job.

You can read Sharon’s free, weekly ezine Booksellers’ Profit Club by filling in your details in the signup box below.


Jon Street

Online Opportunities

Jon Street is an extremely successful online entrepreneur and has developed pioneering online marketing techniques which he now teaches others.

Jon has been a regular contributor to both the Internet Income Detective ezine and newsletter. You can get your free weekly edition of the Internet Income Detective ezine by filling in your details below.