It’s the long-term which counts!

How did you get on with the All-Weather ideas I gave you last Friday? (Remember the winter is on its way.)

The All-Weather meetings at Wolverhampton, Lingfield, Southwell and Kempton will come thick and fast for the next few months.

I showed you two ideas last week…

The first idea was to lay all top weights (top weight on their own and not joint top-weighted) in handicaps on the All-Weather…

I can hear the swearing from here, though. As the law of my close showbiz pal Sod would have it, the first qualifying bet to lay this week (under odds of 10) won at odds of 6.

How many folks would give up here I wonder? The next 11 qualifying bets all lost their races and thus won for us layers. Two of those horses were over 10. There was a winner at 11.98 which does not qualify.

It’s a really simple system and I hope as effective as it has been in recent months. Try it out! Today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, hold the next All-Weather meetings.

The second idea I gave you was to lay penalised horses on the All-Weather. Here’s a reminder of the types of horses you should be looking for. A 6x next to its name:

As with the handicap top weights, we lay these horses, not back them. There have only been two qualifiers since last weekend, and both have lost their races.

The lesson with these strategies is that they are long-term projects. Especially with the handicap top weights (where we lay all qualifiers at 10 or under), you might hit an early winner, as indeed we did this week, but long-term, a profit accrues.


As promised in last week’s eletter I will be posting some of the most eye-catching football sequences from and offering pointers on how we might profit. Check out early tomorrow for some free footy pointers.

Staying on the football theme, I have started to note football matches where the favourite is priced at 1.3 or lower, and the interesting thing this week? All teams have won to nil, and all teams have won at halftime and fulltime.

I’ll be recording these on an on-going basis. Something perhaps for you to think about. Wins to nil and winning at halftime and fulltime.

Of course I may have just hit a coincidental streak but will check out the halftime/fulltime prices and win to nil prices and see if there is anything to profit from.


If you want to get some free betting ideas, then head on over to It’s a fascinating library. I have mentioned before that if you are interested in sports trading on Betfair, look up the free videos by someone called ‘Badger’. I’m not sure if he is a real badger or not, but he’s good at sports trading.

There are also great advertorials, which, within themselves, hold the keys to the systems’ strategy.

Here’s an example:

From this simple freely available video I was able to get some rules for a place laying betting strategy. See if you can uncover the rules, and email me to compare! I have five rules from this video which I’ll try out now daily.

Ah, and don’t forget to watch the ‘Serena Williams is a man’ video on YouTube and then watch her at the US Open. Hmmmm.