It’s tasty, tasty, very very tasty!

League football has returned after the International Break and what a match we have on Sunday.

A small kick-about between Man Utd under Ole ‘p45 is in the post’ Gunningforawin Solksjaer and Liverpool under Jurgen ‘ call me Mr. Klopp of the Kop’ Klopp.

Here are some of the key stats from this season.

Man Utd’s 2 clean sheets this season came at home v Chelsea and Leicester ( top 6 sides).

Is it the case, therefore, that Man Utd tend to get the defensive part of their game spot on against the big guns at home?

Man Utd have not scored a 2nd goal in 7 matches now and have managed only one win.

Where the feck is Mario Mandjukic when you need him? The youngsters are not scoring that 2nd goal. If this continues then of course Man Utd will be very vulnerable as a 1-0 win is tough to pull off v Salah, Firmino and Sane.

In playing the current top 5 at home, Man Utd are 2 wins and a draw unbeaten.

I alluded to that above with their clean sheets v Chelsea and Leicester. Man Utd excel v the better sides?

Liverpool have a 100% win record but Klopp is a lucky fellow. Last gasp penalty to beat Leicester latest. Goalkeeping blunder to beat Sheffield United.

Is Jurgen Irish? He certainly has the luck of the Irish, that’s for sure. Everything that could go for him is going for him!

Roberto Firmino has scored in 3 of 4 Liverpool away matches and scored the winner in 2 1-2 away wins.

One of the 3 Musketeers. Maybe you want to keep him in mind in the goalscoring markets.

Firmino and Sane have both scored in the same match twice away.

Where’s Mo?

Liverpool have scored first in all away matches.

That’s all this Man Utd side need isn’t it, what with their inability to conjure up a 2nd goal lately.

Liverpool have not conceded a first half goal away from home.

You niche players might want a halftime play, favouring Liverpool. Halftime markets include, Halftime result, Halftime score, and Halftime/Fulltime.

Who are you with on Sunday? If Man Utd cannot score that 2nd goal, they may well pay the price. Remember that Liverpool have scored in every match.

Will the up-coming Champions League match trouble Liverpool team selection?

Plenty to ponder in what will be a cracker of a match. P45 postponed for Ole if he gets a result on Sunday? We will see.

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