Introducing the pig’s ear strategy!

It has been all Wimbledon this week dominating the sports betting markets.

Have you been able to follow some of the matches and employ my ‘wait for a strong favourite to make a complete pig’s ear out of the early part of the match and then back him or her at higher odds’ strategy?

Here’s an example of the above strategy (which I think I’ll shorten to the ‘pig’s ear strategy’).

Above is the results page for yesterday. I have highlighted three matches. Dominic Thiem loses the first set, then wins the next three.

Milos Raonic and Radwanska both lose their first sets and struggle in a tie-breaker in their second sets.

That’s how you back a 1.25 shot at odds of 1.8 (Dominic Thiem after losing the first set).

Introducing the pig’s ear strategy!

And here are Radwanska’s odds:

Introducing the pig’s ear strategy!

That’s how you back an odds-on favourite at 4.00 decimal odds.

You can use this strategy to create value bets on players expected to win, or you can tennis trade.

I am working on a tennis trading book which shows you how you can find these kinds of opportunities on an on-going basis, and how to research matches to ensure you are with in-form players.

I tell you, I need these profits. I am on a diet of strawberries and cream, Pimms and barley water for two weeks and it’s an expensive habit!

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