– Don’t bother buying this!

I don’t know if you’ve been receiving emails in your inbox about this particular betting systemfrom a Frank McGarrity.

Well, I have bought a copy and for £49.95, I’d recommend you keep your money in your pocket on this one.

If you are a member of a service such as Mike Cruikshank’s Profit Maximiser,  you will already have this strategy firmly in mind. ( and with Profit Maximiser you get lots, lots more than 7 pages of well known info already). If you are a reader of What Really Wins Money, the Patriarch shared this strategy with you FOR FREE in a recent newsletter.

This is a simple, unoriginal strategy for using a certain bookmaker’s offer on certain horse races and creating risk free betting opportunities using the betting exchanges.

Buy Profit Maximiser, don’t waste your money on this. 7 pages of nothing new.

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