How to sell cigarette cards on eBay

PLUS: Find products to sell several times daily on eBay

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Cigarette cards are among the most popular collectibles, whilst also demanding sellers invest more time in their ventures than people selling most other items on eBay.

For most people selling cigarette cards, there’s the task of compiling sets, checking all come from the same specific set, replacing damaged cards with perfect or near perfect specimens, listing and describing and making sure every card in a listing can be inspected by possible buyers.

That much-despised four-letter word ‘work’ is almost certainly the reason few people choose to sell these highly prized, highly priced collectibles on eBay.

Invest time others won’t and you could make hundreds of pounds a week selling cigarette cards on eBay.

Cigarette cards have a long history, being first used as stiffeners in packets of cigarettes in the day before slide packets.

Cigarette cards probably appeared first in the United States, most likely in the mid-1850s. Most cigarette cards were printed in sets and today, although some individual cards sell at high prices, it’s sets that usually generate really high prices on eBay.

Some sets with their original albums are worth significantly more than the set itself, but not if cards are glued in place.

Cigarette packets, a specialty in their own right, can also command high prices, especially in good condition.

eBay recent prices

  • Just one card from Millhoff’s Famous Golfers series of 1928 fetched £112.
  • Another solitary card, this time from Murad Baseball Series ‘Pennsylvania Sports’, went for $159.50 (about £110). Note: baseball cards of most kinds – cigarette, postcard, trading, bubble gum – can fetch unexpected high prices.

Tips to help you bank big profits selling vintage cigarette cards on eBay

  • Work at compiling and listing sets, even if it takes days or weeks or even months to complete a particularly popular set. The work will almost always be worthwhile. Continue searching for missing cards for potentially valuable sets. Certain dealers sell cigarette cards individually and represent one of the best ways to find otherwise elusive specimens.
  • At auctions, boot sales and flea markets, consider buying bundles of cards often found loose, or in bundles in biscuit tins and plastic bags. These are usually part collections from original collectors and not unsold business stock, so the potential for resale profits is high.
  • Avoid albums with cigarette cards stuck in place with strong adhesive, which reduces their value to almost nothing except for really rare cards. Cards slotted loose into special hinges in collectors’ albums are usually in good condition and fetch a premium over cards kept separate in tins and boxes and allowed to bump together and become damaged.

Find products to sell several times daily on eBay

We’re looking for high-demand products on eBay with potential to sell several times every day from individual multiple-product fixed-price listings.

Generating multiple sales from each listing is more likely for sellers in tight niche markets, such as diet pills, guitar strings, wools and cottons, alongside literally thousands of other tiny niche markets existing on eBay.

Niche markets are those where buyers share a definite and easily identifiable interest, such as collecting Chinese coins, building affiliate websites, taking photographs, and losing weight.

The beauty of niche markets is that members are usually very responsive to each and every new product targeting their shared interest.

People who love boxer dogs, for example, (such as Yours Truly!!!), represent a small fraction of dog-lovers in general, and every Christmas they’ll buy cards, notelets, calendars, stocking fillers and so much more depicting their favourite breed – and will overlook most other breeds.

Study people selling to niche markets and you’ll find some making triple-figure sales literally hours after a new product listing goes live.

Spend a few hours every month researching niche markets on eBay and people selling in those markets, and you’ll find many different high-demand products to add to your own eBay sales inventory for almost certain regular profits.

The following tips will help grow your profits higher still:

  • BIN – Buy It Now, also called fixed-price listings – can generate faster product turnover than traditional auction listings and keep your listing fees low. You can offer as many identical products as you wish in each fixed-price listing and generate repeat sales sometimes daily.
  • Buy It Now fixed-price listings can continue running indefinitely, compared to ten days maximum auction listing time, thus multiplying your individual listing’s selling time.

How newbies grow their income from blogging

A blog, short for ‘web log’, is a kind of online journal where people write about their thoughts and ideas, opinions and virtually any other aspect of their lives that other people might want to read about.

All that information can be peppered with promotions, making money for the blog owner.

Blogging can be a hugely enjoyable hobby or a means of staying in regular contact with relatives and friends. Increasingly, however, blogging is becoming one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow traffic and make money online.

Blogs come in many different designs and formats: some free to use, some paid for. Some can be created entirely online, others are created on the user’s desktop; some are hosted free by the blog providing company, others use paid-for hosting in the same way as conventional websites.

Benefits of blogging for business owners

  • Some of the best blogging software is free to use, compared to websites that can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds from specialist designers, and sometimes involving hefty fees for domain names and hosting.
  • Most blogging platforms provide a selection of templates that can be changed frequently, without distorting existing posts and pictures. Changes to conventional websites, however, can be costly and very complicated.
  • Blogs can have a viral effect where blog-owners continuously upload useful information for their enquirers and customers, which lead to those people returning often for updates and also recommending others visit the site.
  • Users can grow traffic by having their blogs featured in specialist business blog directories, and also by linking posts to grow search engine traffic to other sites.
  • Many specialist traffic-generating methods exist to grow traffic to blogs, including ‘pinging’ and also opportunities to register blogs on numerous specialist blog directories.

For more information, simply key ‘start a blog’ into any major search engine and you’ll find a myriad of sites to advise you.

Until next week, I hope those ideas get you thinking about new and exciting ways to grow your earnings in 2016.

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