How to profit from these football niches…

The English Premier League kicks off tomorrow and signals the start of the season-proper.

As promised last week, here are a few football niches you might like to focus on…

Niche 1 – By Country

There are several key leagues this season for me. These range from the English Premiership, Italian Seria A, Spanish La Liga, and the German Bundesliga. These are the principal leagues.

Why not specialise on one country’s main league? Get to know it and you will have a ready advantage over other punters. Better yet…

Niche 2 – By Team

Having chosen your country, focus on one particular team. Last season, for instance, I focused on the German Bundesliga and one team in particular: Hoffenheim. I got to know Hoffenheim very well last season and knew the characteristics of that team so that I could effectively assume what would happen during a match.

Here’s another example: if your team to focus on is Chelsea, from the English Premiership, then you would know that this is a team who rarely, if ever, will lose when playing at home. And this brings me to another niche…

Niche 3 – By Home or Away

As with Chelsea, you can focus specifically on a team’s home matches only.
Niche 4 – Top Four and Potential Bottom Four

Chelsea are one of the top four teams in the Premiership. Why not focus on these top teams in each league? In England for instance, our focus would be on Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. In Germany, the focus would be on Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg. In Spain, we could focus on Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

With these teams I would look at their characteristics last year (websites such as allow you to see last year’s form separated by home and away matches).

Here’s an example from the French Ligue 1 last year: Paris St Germain only conceded two goals in the first half at home last year. How can we take advantage of this stat? Focus on the Halftime markets perhaps, and expect Paris St Germain to potentially win at halftime.

If we continue our niche on Paris St Germain, we note, as with Chelsea, that Paris St Germain won all bar four draws at home last season.

I say ‘potential bottom four’, or, in other words, newly promoted sides. Why should we focus on these teams? Well, they are expected to struggle, particularly away from home.

This brings us to…

Niche 5 – Specific Markets
I mentioned the Halftime markets in the Paris St Germain example above. If you have followed me so far, you’ll have noted a niche, then a sub-niche and another, and another. The more specialised the niche, the more specialised we will be.

In, I begin my DRT “bet and go” strategies which will specialise in the following bets:

  • Lay the 0-0 Halftime Score – we want to see a goal before halftime.
  • Lay the Draw – we don’t want to see a draw.
  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals – We want to see either fewer than three goals or more than three goals in a match.
  • Both Teams to Score – yes: here we want to see both teams score in a match.

What is your niche this season? So far this season my niche has been Mjondalen from the Norwegian Eliteserien. And the markets to focus on with this team? Laying the 0-0 Halftime Score and Both Teams to Score.

Mjondalen have been excellent in these markets. They play tonight. See if my niche will deliver a goal before halftime and both teams will score yet again.

At I begin my ‘official banker bets’ selections tomorrow. Last season brought an excellent profit. Do watch out for that.

I hope you’ll find this season to be a profitable one. If you want me to do the research and provide bets and trades for you, then join

Do find your niche: work it, and us the in-play betting markets in order to profit.

Have a great weekend. My dream begins as Wolves win the English Championship and FA Cup this season, thereby conquering Europe next season.

Have a great weekend.