How to enjoy winners at 21/1!

Impressive, impressive, impressive!

No, I am not talking about my nephews and nieces reviewing my uncle skills while I am in Guernsey; I am talking about the feedback from the each way tips I provide for free to members of What Really Wins Money at

Yesterday was the poorest day in a long time, and had more hard luck stories than an episode of EastEnders. One of my selections finished a-neck-and-a-nose third at nice decimal odds of 9.6. Ahhh, so close to another winner! As this is each way betting, I got a return for the horse placing, but would have liked to have kept the flow of winners coming.

Earlier this week, on 19 July, I picked winners at decimal odds of 22 (that’s 21/1), 4.1 and 3.13. I followed this up on 20 July with winners at odds of 13.72 and 12 decimal (for fraction odds, take away 1, i.e. 12 decimal is 11/1).

June and July have been outstanding. I only hope I can keep the flow of winners coming. It all comes from an article in What Really Wins Money on how you can increase your probability of success from each way betting.

The newsletter comes up with the odd gem, which turns into a great profit stream. Just ask the users of my 3-5-8 strategy, who are profiting from its current excellent run of success. This comes from an article in June’s edition of What Really Wins Money.

There’s money in them thar newsletters, that’s for sure. Take a look!
I’ve been busier than a Kardashian with an Instagram account this week as my football trading service limbers up for kick off on 1 August (the English Championship) and 8 August (the English Premiership).
I welcome new members and hope you will profit, as current DRT members have, from the research which is done free for you, and the weekend live chats which coincide with the new English Premiership season.

It’s going to be an exciting season and I will be committed to looking for value trades for my DRT members.

As I said last week, the new football season will see me trying a number of bet and go football strategies for newsletter readers. I know my football so I’m confident of producing a profit this new season.

I hope to see you onboard What Really Wins Money, or DRT, or if not, here at the WRWM eletter.

I’m off now to improve my uncling skills. I’ve a three and a five-year-old to keep entertained. Yikes! Have a great weekend.