How to create big-odds bets in the tennis…

New balls, please! No, my girlfriend hasn’t kicked me in the vernaculars because I didn’t buy her an expensive Christmas present; I am of course alluding to the Australian Open Tennis tournament which begins on 15th January.

Whilst the time zone difference may make it difficult to participate in the matches from a betting perspective, I would recommend that you give tennis some of your time in 2018 as a betting/trading medium.

I would like to recount briefly a recent example of how you can create big-odds bets in the tennis. I go into greater depth in January 2018’s edition of What Really Wins Money.

Above is a profit graph showing the odds fluctuation for Grigor Dimitrov when he met John Millman recently in Brisbane.

Millman won the first set, against all the odds. Millman took Dimitrov to a second-set tie-breaker. He led 3-0 in that second set! Lordy! This Dimitrov is World Number 3 and the current title holder at Brisbane.

As they say in Australia: ‘Strewth, mate!’

It was only when things were looking bleak for our Grigor, that he woke up and decided to play tennis.

He ended up winning the second set, despite Millman being one service game away from taking the match.

As the graph relates. Dimitrov (1.14 odds pre-match i.e., £100 stake wins you a princely £14) was backable at odds of 6/1 and 11/1 in-play and won!

If you can follow the Australian Open, highlight matches featuring very short-odds favourites (I am referring to sub-1.2 decimal odds), and look for potential shocks and the ‘mothers of all comebacks’. Therein lies the secret to backing a World Number 3 at 11/1 and winning!

Follow these steps…

  1. Go to Betfair’s Exchange, click on ‘Tennis’, ‘View by Competition’, ‘In Play’ and ‘Today’.
  2. Note any matches with a favourite at 1.2 odds and lower.
  3. Head off to a scores website such as and wait for the fun to begin. We are looking to the underdog to win the first set and break in the second set. (I don’t ask for much, as you can see!)

I will be collecting some examples from this Australian Open and sharing them with you next week.

Enjoy the tennis if you can!

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