How I profited from the Australian Open

New balls, please! No, my girlfriend hasn’t kicked me in the particulars after discovering my tasteful, signed Kelly Brook photo; I am of course referring to the Australian Open, which I alluded to in last week’s eletter. There have been a smattering of good trades during the tournament; the most recent of which was 1.14-shot Li Na losing the first set this morning, and being backable at over evens (and higher as her opponent did have match point at one stage). Inevitably this top 4 side ended up winning the match… Yesterday, Maria Sharapova, the number 3 seed, got into all sorts of bother against K Knapp. Here’s a look at their match: 1.06-shot Maria was struggling in the second and third sets, and was available to back at over evens. Extremely good value in these eyes! She went on to win. Both of these players fitted the profile I talked about last week. Both were seeded players, and made a right Horlicks of apparently easy assignments early in the tournament. One other thing to note… Consider laying players who win the first set 6-0. I mention this as Caroline Wozniaki, the better looking of the Wozniaki/McIlroy partnership, won her first set 6-0 against McHale of the USA: A throwaway comment from the commentator got me interested in this match. They mentioned that the last few meetings between these two players had gone to three sets. This was a great opportunity to lay a player at very short odds in the hope this match became a three-setter. So off I trundled to Betfair and layed Caroline at odds of 1.07: So, for a £7 liability, my potential profit was £95.20, should McHale win the match. As you saw from the screenshot earlier, McHale won the second set… I traded out at odds of 1.63 for a nice guaranteed £32 profit: I acknowledge that the Australian Open times are not workable for UK punters, unless you are night owls or early risers. I do want to emphasise though that there are patterns in major tennis tournaments (think US Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros), which can be exploited time and again for a profit. I do tweet the odd good trade (@whatreallywins) if you are up and about. Have a plan ready for the other 2014 major tournaments! Bonus-tastic! Here’s a great offer from Ladbrokes, which you should consider… New Ladbrokes customers simply need to register, enter Promo Code F50, deposit and bet at least GBP/EUR 5 to get this bonus. The bonus is worth upwards of £50. Here is the link. And as a bonus for you bonus seekers, email me if you are unfamiliar with the concept of freeing up these bonuses and making the money truly risk free by using Betfair in conjunction with the bookmaker bonuses. January WRWM finished... Here’s a tip for you financial investors: buy a shed-load of shares in coffee makers during the last week of each month. Why? Well yours truly drinks a bucket load of the stuff as I carefully craft another edition of What Really Wins Money. I have just finished another cuppa and January’s newsletter and it has strategies galore. I handpick two very exciting strategies which are making a couple of tipsters profit, and can be easily used with your own selections. Lucy Collins introduces the concept of Price Boundary Trading. Methinks she is related to Einstein somewhere down the line as it’s an excellent concept. The Statman shows you how to profit from handicap horses who finished second or third and are running again within seven days. The Patriarch introduces readers to another free Internet resource which is making punters money. I have rounded up the four best Home-Grown strategies from 2013, as well as gone step-by-step into how to turn each way betting odds in your favour. All this and accompanying videos and tips at It’s a great start to 2014. I’m off to try and get some rest, although with all the coffee I’ve drank, I’ll probably end up hoovering the house twice, painting and repainting the house exterior, washing the car, mowing the lawn and doing the ironing, all in the next 45 minutes. Have a great weekend, and keep an eye on Twitter for those profitable tennis trades .

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