How do I Find the Best Products to Sell Online? – The Source Report

This product offers a low initial outlay and a potential NET profit of £445 per month…

The latest Hot Product Report has just been uploaded to The Source Report (including detailed NET profit calculations and the UK supplier details). Once again, I’ve been hard at work researching hot products for you and I can confirm that the product I’ve detailed in this latest report is perfect as a year round seller and what’s more, your initial outlay is very low.

The Clothes, Shoes and Accessories category is absolutely huge as the name implies. Sub-categories can range from fancy dress to handbags to wedding attire to wallets and so due to wide competition it’s important to dig deep for both your choice of sub-niche within the overall category, and your product if you choose to sell within this niche.

In this report, I’ve directly targeted a specific market which means even less competition and more targeted buyers. Searches remain steady throughout the year for this product making this an item you can list all year round. However searches really start rising at the beginning of March. The highest peak in searches as you will see then occurs in December. 

As detailed in the hot product profit calculations to achieve a minimum NET profit of £445 per month with this one product you should aim to sell just 5 units per day in total via the two venues of eBay and Amazon. View Product Details

How do I Find the Best Products to Sell Online? – The Source Report

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