Have you tried the Lay 1-4 Staking Plan?

The performance of favourites in Ascot this week (only two and a joint-favourite have obliged since Tuesday) reminds me to remind you that in this world of laying, there is money to be made in taking on favourites.

Here’s what one happy member of What Really Wins Money had to say about one of my favourites laying strategies…

I have tested the Big Price Gap 5+ system the last three weeks, with a focus on odds-on horses only. I’ve laid 27 selections so far (paper-trading only bar the odd one), both at fixed staking (that is, my win is fixed at 1 point – the liability varies depending on the odds, but as it’s odds-on selections, the liability is always below 1 point) and using the Lay 1-4 Staking Plan, and I’ve got to say, the results are amazing so far. I won’t be paper trading much longer!

Based on the fixed staking, I’m up 8.52 points, while based on the Lay 1-4 Staking Plan, I’m up 14.44 points. Very nice indeed! The strike-rate has been 56%, i.e. 56% of the selection didn’t win, and remember these horses are odds-on! I think this system looks very solid.

This is one of two odds-on strategies within my newsletter What Really Wins Money. The loss of Cracksman at 2/5 odds in the Prince of Wales Stakes at Ascot on Wednesday is a reminder that you can make money laying odds-on shots. You certainly won’t make any money backing them. I know – I tried!

The Lay 1-4 Staking Plan that the What Really Wins Money member speaks about is a reminder to you that there is more to life than level stakes, despite what the experts may say.

Here’s what one expert says: ‘I know the age-old adage of if you can’t win at level stakes, it doesn’t matter how you bet, you won’t win overall’.

That is a load of old Godzilla sh*t (instead of bullsh*t – I have just come back from Japan, you know). I would recommend you look into staking plans, particularly www.thestakingmachine.com. You’ll find a lot of weird and wonderful staking plans.

The Lay 1-4 Staking Plan is one I love. I use it for the greyhounds, I use if for first-half-goal laying in the football, and I use it for odds-on horses laying.

Here’s a free link: https://www.tippingsports.com/betting/lay_1_4_staking_plan

Check it out yourself. With the right selection strategy, Lay 1-4 outperforms level-stakes admirably.


How have my post-Japan World Cup plays got on? Let’s take a look…

I invested in Cavani and Suarez in the Top Scorer market in the hope they would put the Saudis to the sword, but 1-0 it finished. D’oh!

In the Outright Winner market, I went with Portugal at 26 and Belgium at 14. Portugal’s odds are down to 20 on Betfair, and Belgium’s 10 on Betfair. Moving along nicely.

Romelu Lukaku I backed at 17.5 in the Top Scorer market and he did fill his boots vs Panama. His odds are now 10 to back and 10.5 to lay.

Winning Group? I went for B, D, and G at 5.5, 7.6 and 7.2 odds. D’s odds have drifted to 12. B and G’s remain as is.

Do remember you have a facility to cash out, as these are in-running markets.

Looking good so far!

Good luck, however you played. Next week is a gentle nudge towards Wimbledon. (Come on, Tim, I mean Andy, I mean Kyle!)

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