Have you heard of this alternative to Betfair?


I must admit I love Betfair, but I have heard interesting things about a new betting exchange called www.smarkets.com, who operate on 2% commission, slashing Betfair’s commission rate.

In some of the more liquid markets (such as Verona v Lazio as I write) the odds are pretty much the same as is the liquidity.

What might be a (small) problem for football punters is the inclusion of the draw in the middle, i.e. ‘Verona, Draw, Lazio’, where on Betfair it’s ‘Verona, Lazio, Draw’. A seasoned Betfairian may accidentally miss that when using Smarkets!

Smarkets will be a boon to those of you who like taking advantage of bookmaker bonuses by ‘laying off’ on the betting exchanges. Saving commission on each trade will soon add up.

I do a lot of work for charity, but I don’t like to talk about it…

I do! My biggest donation was a tenner to a rather attractive young lady with a clip board who stopped me in the street once. Flattery got her everywhere!

Anyway, the reason I bring up my, ahem, tireless charity work is because I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting offer.

Head on over to http://www.thetradinghouse.co.uk/ for more information. Justin Gilbert has re-written his tennis trading ebook, which provides an excellent introduction to the world of tennis trading.

From 1 November 2014 he is giving away 100 copies of his tennis ebook, which you can get for a £5 donation to charity, one of which is the North Devon Children’s Hospice (www.chsw.org.uk).

The ebook is 52 pages long and full of information on trading tennis at www.betfair.com and has a unique insight into reading the profit graphs and profiting from ‘support and resistance’ – a concept familiar to those who have dabbled in financial trading.

The ebook is thorough and great value at £5. I have a copy and find it a bit verbose but full of great profitable ideas.

So if you want to do a bit of work for charity, then give it a go on 1 November 2014.

I keep on giving!

Those who expressed an interest in greyhounds will be emailed with my initial ideas this week, and I must admit there are so many angles into the dogs – it’s a puzzle I want to crack!

In a previous eletter I shared with you a Correct Score perm idea of mine, which one reader, Ernie, took to heart. Here’s what he wrote to me this week…

Hi Clive,

Just thought I’d let you know of a winner today due to your Correct Score perm method. Last week I had two out of three games correct and Juventus let me down drawing 1-1.

This week the magic struck. I did Everton 2-0, 2-1, 3-1; Juventus 1-0, 2-0, 3-0; and Udinese 1-0, 2-0, 3-0. 27x10p trebles returned £74.80!
Keep up the good work, Clive!

Many thanks’

Nice work Ernie, I say. I do like this Correct Score perm idea, which is why I shared it with you in a recent eletter. If you’re a member of What Really Wins Money, then search for ‘Correct Score perm’ at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk and you’ll can find the exact method Ernie used to profit well.


The Breeders’ Cup is upon us this weekend and I’ve uncovered some of the best free resources for you if you want a bet in this USA race meeting.

The first port of call is
http://espn.go.com/horse-racing/story/_/id/11783184/breeders-cup-handicapping-analysis. This provides a handicapper’s analysis of each race.

There’s more in-depth analysis from another American racing website: http://www.drf.com/events/breeders-cup-classic. I would recommend a look at the race-by-race coverage for each of the major races.

Nearer to home, http://www.attheraces.com/breederscup/?ref=splash have their very own Breeders’ Cup microsite.

Check it out, particularly the stats guide. (You know how I love my stats!)

So if you’re available early evening Friday, and Saturday, then take advantage of these sites. Or if you want the crème de la crème, then Saturday night is Breeders’ Cup classic night.

Some interesting stats for the Breeders’ Cup classic? Seven of the last favourites have lost. Yikes!

Well, I’m off travelling now. On a plane as you receive this email, heading home for a spot of uncle duty and to taste the sweet nectar that is a pint of Patois in Guernsey.

Anyone following the posts at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk, please be aware that there will be some disruption, especially if my two-year-old nephew wants to play hide and seek.

Have a great weekend!