Happy New Year and welcome to 2020.

I hope you had a Great Xmas and New Year Holiday. I have been spending mine with family and old friends in Guernsey , Channel Islands, and have even bumped into Le God  a couple of times ( ‘we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!). I did the Boxing Day swim. The water was ( how would I describe it), bracing!

I’m heading back home on Sunday after this great break. The Channel Islands are beautiful and if there are any golfers out there, you won’t find a more picturesque golf course than the one at L’ancresse. I will quickly gloss over my use of a gap wedge to get out of a sand trap and the ‘Carry On Golfing’ hilarity that ensued. 

I hope you found the Christmas period horse racing stats useful. It was a new avenue for me, a specific focus on one meeting on a particular day. This is an avenue I’m keen to walk down . Do specific race meetings on specific days so specific patterns that we can exploit.

We’ll find out soon enough with Cheltenham Festival in March. I will be looking at other horse racing stats angles throughout 2020, and have started doing so for January’s edition of What Really Wins Money.

Odds-on favourites, generally speaking, look layable. And the key to success…fixed liability staking ( i.e. bet to lose £10 rather than to win £10). I have been delighted with the findings for odds-on favourites . For those of you who like stats, my ‘What does the Formbook say?’ and our very own Statman’s articles are perfectly suited to you.

Have a great New Year. I’m off now to back Man City at 20 and Leicester City at 120 to win the Premier League. 

Liverpool have been mighty lucky souls of late.  The 1-0 win v Wolves recently is a case in point. Will said luck turn? It won’t cost me much to find out!

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